Deep Thoughts by Deep Keg

This may not be my usual political rant but it's something that was rattling around in my head.

Is it me, or are crazy, sci-fi ideas from the movies and old TV shows coming true? Look back and think...the technology of "the future" in movies and TV are about to, or have already come to be. We've even advanced beyond some! Look at Star trek's communicators. " Beam me up Scottie", aka Nextel's push to talk, are already obsolete. Walkie talkies are sooo last year! How about Iron Man`s Jarvis..or should I say Alexa. There's Holograms, "help me Obiwan Kenobi, you're our only hope!" Says a staticky princess. I've seen totally realistic holograms of swimming fish, at the mall! Now here's some spooky technology, Deep fakes (no relation). Arnold Schwarzenegger was set up by a faked video in Running Man and sent away to fight for his life. If they can frame the Terminator, no one is safe!

And this brings us to the final piece of my puzzle, A.I. No, not Allen "practice" Iverson! Artificial intelligence! It's looking more and more like the movie I Robot is just over the horizon. Leading to the plot of that other little Schwarzenegger movie I had mentioned. Dare I say it? Skynet! Computers taking over? Becoming "self-aware"?! Then the potential end of humans?! Does all this make me sound 'tin foil hat' crazy?! Does it, really? These were only a few quick and more recent examples but many more exist. Just look back to A Trip to the Moon, that high tech blockbuster from1902. Space travel is now, "been there, done that!"

Before passing judgment [day], start looking back, then look around.

And now a deep thought, from Deep Keg. Question; do we know something deep in our minds that only shows itself in our imagination? And then do we manifest our subconscious thoughts, unknowingly, in conscious action? (Deep, right?!)

Need more proof? Who predicted Trump would be president, years ago? Simpsons did it! Mic drop!

Deep Keg out.

A story has come to my attention locally, and I won't name names but, enough is enough! I will NOT be bullied by the left on this! There are so many levels of hypocrisy. Protect the children, nope, lop off the ding ding if that's what you want. There is a 13 year old boy who wants to be a girl. Ok, go on and live your life as a girl if you want to, God bless you! But it seems his mother wants to help him take it to the next level and pull a Bruce Jenner! Hello!? He's 13!! Talk about creating a snowflake! (Or is 'snowflake' too gender specific?!)((I don't CARE!))

Has mom discussed the fact that this is irreversible?! 13 is not an age at which someone can make a life deciding decision! If that were the case, we'd all be astronauts, firemen, or princesses! This poor kid is heading for the 'suicide' check box on the "cause of death" autopsy report. "Mom", or should I say, enabler, will be responsible for this. Listen 'mom', let him mature and make his own decisions! Just because he wants to be a girl now, doesn't mean you have to make it happen. Getting him a puppy is one thing, permanently mutilating your child is another! What's wrong with Mom!? Did you always want a girl? Didn't get one? Don't kill your son just to have a daughter for a few years!

This may seem like an isolated situation, but just when I think that, more and more stories pop up, like 13 year old drag queens, etc. What's next? I'm afraid of the answer!

Deep Keg out...and in total disbelief!
Help wanted:

The Deep Keg Foundation for Better Living (in no way connected with George Soros) is currently looking for people, mostly men, between the ages of 18 and 25, to form a violent mod... I mean, make a "pilgrimage" to the home of once CNN chief white house correspondent, Jim Acosta. Our mission is to find a nicer place to live, and that place is Acosta's home. Oh, also something about us being repressed by our landlords/mortgage companys. Bla bla bla! We'll throw that excuse in there too. Whatever helps him sleep at night.

Upon arrival, we will ignore the law and break down his doors, windows, or any access point, and move into his house where he will be forced to pay for us. We are pretty sure he will not stop us because we are NOT an "invasion", to him, we are merely a small group of refugees seeking a better life.

So, if you hate where you live, and dont want to do anything about it yourself, then make your reservations @DeepKeg today! Attendance will be limited to as many as we can get. Deep Keg, out.

And Jim Acosta out...of the White House!
Sen. Mazie Hirono is a rapist!

I have it first hand, Senator Mazie Hirono raped my wife! Granted it was back in college, maybe high school, not too sure, but that doesn't matter, (by her standards). The accuser is a woman and must be believed!!!! (Her words) Therefore Hirono is now guilty by virtue of the accusation alone right, because it was made by a woman!? Again, this is HER belief mind you! (Or is it her 'political' belief?) So I guess she should resign now, like her, and her party now demands!?

She seems to forget that this is America, and we have a little something called "due process". In case you forgot Mazie, this means that everyone, (male, female, black, white, right, left, racists, ugly... whatever) is innocent until proven guilty. So, this man (me, Deep Keg) isn't going to just shut up! I'm waiting to hear both sides before passing judgement because I known many (probably most) women were, at some point in their lives, sexually harassed, or worse! (my wife is my window to this, not that I don't see it first hand as well). But, I have also seen the vindictive nature of women first hand! (and men too! Back off Gloria!) So that's why we have the presumption of innocence.

Funny how the left are so quick to believe the man's account when he says, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...Ms. Lewinsky" while ignoring a DNA ladened blue dress! But now, with no evidence, no idea where, when or any actual evidence, just a 35(+or -) year old allagation, they scream "GUILTY"!! (And what a coincidence, it's ALL the Democrats) They want an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh?! But when four Americans die in Benghazi and Hillary does nothing....sorry, almost went off on a rant there.

Bottom line, if the left continues to weaponize rape allegations for political gain, they not only undermine actual crimes against women, but they prove that they really do put politics above EVERYTHING because to them, politics is power! And that's just, #sad!

Deep Keg out!
Antifa A-holes & #fakenews

I feel I have to channel my inner Andy Rooney here so bare with me. Soooo, ever notice that these "antifa" protests (more like violence and looting fests) seem to take place almost exclusively in Democrat controlled cities? Places where the people in charge seem to not only let them happen, but seemingly encourage them to come to town? I'd like to see them try this in MY neck of the woods (by golly). Smash a window in MY business or any business in this town. That'll be your LAST "protest"! So let me ask, are you really willing to put you life on the line? You're going to have to face it, the word is out, as we are all seeing, you're a hired gun.

It seems like these "outraged protesters" are neither outraged nore protesters! And the news covering these orchestrated events, are simply fueling the faux fire. Fake protests covered by the fake news. The only thing real is the cost to business owners, tax payers, and the police who risk a higher price!

But now, an ironic twist. On the one year anniversary of the white supremacists vs. Antifa in Charlottesville, reporters for NBC get assaulted by antifa. How did NBC itself report it? As "heckling"! Why, you ask? Because Dr. Frankenstein's monster has turned on its creator. To quote an infamous 'pastor', "the chickens have come home to roost" for the #fake news.

Next time antifa, try a destructive "protest" somewhere where you're not being protected by the same people who brought you there and paid for you. Let's see how that works out. Oh, and try to be a little nicer to the media who put you where you are in the first place. It's not nice to bite the hand that feeds.

Deep Keg out....of patients for people who think burning and looting will somehow bring about "social justice" whatever that's supposed to mean! But don't get me started, that's for another day.
Fake news retractions

When a media outlet has the freedom to print ANYTHING it wants (freedom of the press-good) There should be an equalizer for presenting, whether knowingly or unknowingly, false information. (Abuse of freedom of the press-bad!) All they have to do is bury a retraction somewhere, where no one actually sees it. Too late! The damage has been done. The person has lost their job, been labeled a child molester, or even attacked physically, and the media simply moves on to the next "big story". Since the media won't do it voluntarily, maybe its time to make them retract false stories in the same spot as the original story. If the lead story turns out to be false, the next lead story, same time spot, the retraction! Front page story, " Trump kills puppies ", next day front page, "We lied about Trump killing puppies ". Maybe in a perfect world.

Just a thought.
Deep Keg, out.
Facebook takes major flak, for major data breach.

To blame, an unsecured server was the reason for the exposure of untold amounts of Facebook users personal information, as well as their 'friends'. Hummm??? Where have I heard that before? Information on an unsecured/personal server ( stored in a closet by say, a high ranking government offical (cough cough! Hillary)) is at HIGH risk to hackers! Facebook will have to pay a big price fror this. Well at least it's not like "selfies" and "my thoughts on gardening" are government secrets.... oh, wait.....I get it now! Do you?!

Deep Keg out...of patience, with the double standard!

Mind you, this is a case of #fakenews, but what if? on with the story/ wake-up call!

As a result of the millennials march against guns, Congress has passed a law abolishing the second amendment. So as of the first of next month, we will no longer have a second amendment, and on the 2nd of the month, the gun confiscation will begin. Interestingly enough, but not highly reported, the government has also decided to do away with the first amendment while they were at it.

In a twist of irony, the millennials will now no longer be able to march, for ANY reason. No marching for free non-gender specific 'crying rooms' in every school, or larger 'gun free zones' around schools that would "make it harder for a criminal to get to the school quickly". Is THIS the #onlynewsyouget story they really want to read, in the latest edition of American Pravda?!

Quick history lesson here kids. When the founding fathers wrote the constitution, they put the second amendment, second, to protect the first. Basically saying you have a God given right (and I don't care if you believe in God or not! It's a simple way of saying, no one can take it from snowflake!) to "free speech" and to "peaceably assemble", even if your message happens to disagree with the government, or reality. The right of the people to keep and bear arms, and a well regulated militia are the last line of defense against a government seizing power and simply telling the people "shut up and sit down!"

One millennial thought, "We could like march on Washington and tell them that we have a voice, and we will be heard and..." NO! NO you won't and can't! You no longer have that right, and if you don't like it, what are you going to do about it?! NOTHING! You have given up that right too! You now have no right to defend yourself against an intruder in your house or your life! So keep this in mind snowflakes...I mean millennials who think people don't need guns ( even though they maintain freedom for you) you don't have to participate in all your constitutional rights, but do away with one, and eventually they will do away with one you like! But by then, it's too late.

Deep keg, try and save the American way of life!
Millennials March

After a recent story involving Molly Ringwald revisiting her early (and really, only) movie career, and finding it riddled with sexist jokes, fat shaming, (not to mention the bad acting) and all around non-PC messages. Some millennials have decied to put down the coloring books, and do something.

Inspired by her new "insite" in this new era of the #MeToo movement, millennials are having a march organized for them, to protest the very existence of, and then have all "uncomfortable" history, erased. When asked what that means, one of the millennials tried to explain with, " You know, like the bad stuff that makes me feel bad." They're not limiting it to movies, but historical events, television shows, and actual people too. (Maybe they can erase Miss Ringwald while they're at it)

"It's time for like, a new like, beginning. You know?!", said one of would be marchers. "People shouldn't have to be like, uncomfortable when it like comes to like the past, right? So we should like just, and to quote a great philosopher, remember the good times just a little bit more in focus."

No actual time has been set for this march as of yet. So cuddle up with your teddy bears, wipe away those tears, and go back to your coloring books millennials, mommy and daddy will wake you when it's time to march.

Deep Keg out...of my safe space, and right into yours! Deal with it!
Califorina to be a "total" sanctuary state #fake news?

Lead by Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf, Califorina has passed a law making the entire state a sanctuary state, essentually saying that ANY broken law is forgiven in Califorina. "If someone breaks the law coming into this country, and we don't care, which we don't, then we souldn't care WHAT law anyone breaks, and everyone should be welcome into our state", said Schaaf. She later went on to welcome (in so many words) rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and anyone who "just wants to pursue their dreams, even if their dreams include molesting children!" She did clarify, "[that] Pedophiles are people too, and who are we to judge someone's gender?! They were born this way and that's how they identify, so we must honor that too." She continued, "I'm not saying that I equate the dreamers with murderers, they can be if they want to, but I am saying that ANY person with a warrant out for their arrest, can now know there is a place where they will be safe, at least from the law. So we welcome every dreamer. It doesn't matter if that dream is avoiding paying, child support, traffic tickets, court ordered restitution, or any fine you don't feel like paying. Or obeying laws you might not agree with, everyone is now welcome in California."

It seems that the Eureka state is now the, "Eureka, I don't have to pay for anything", state.

Deep Keg out... of reasons to go to Califorina!


Fake news; Hillary Clinton melt down
While on her overseas "why I lost, other than the real reasons" excuse tour, Hillary Clinton declared herself President of the areas that she won. Once again, pushing her "popular" vote victory as justification for declaring herself President of the West coast and the North East areas of America. When confronted with the fact the constitution uses the electoral college to equalize the less populated states, with higher population states like California. Thus preventing a few states from dictating how the entire country is run. She responded with, "Well....I got more votes! It was MY turn! I deserve this!!!" She later went on describe her plans to build another White House in California just before her closing statement of, "I AM THE PRESIDENT!!! I AM THE PRESIDENT!!!" (Add maniacal laughing here)

Deep Keg, keeping an eye on this one!
CNN building4k now a "gun free zone"
In a "put your money where your mouth is" moment, CNN has announced they are now a gun free zone. They have disarmed their guards and posted many "gun free zone" signs around their building in New York city ( 10 Columbus Cir. New York, NY 10019 (public record)) to show that all you need are laws and signs to stop crime. So now CNN has an 'open border' like policy with no border patrol.

OK. This may be 'fake' news, but how does it feel, CNN when you are the target of fake news?! Fake news like using a fake survivor of a school shooting (David Hogg!!!!) to push your agenda?!

I'm sure CNN doesn't care about this article because they believe the second amendment only applies to them and other liberals like Michael Moore, but not you! I'm not inciting violence, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy that the left wants to excuse. But that's just me.

Deep Keg...out!
Again with the assult on "assult" weapons?!
Once again we have to hear all the knee-jerk reaction attacks on the "assult" weapon, the AR-15, in light of the latest school shooting in Florida. So let's break this one down.

Ok, to start, the left is saying that this maniac bought this gun, did it legally, but shouldn't have been able to because he is nineteen. Ummmm OK?! So if they are eighteen, it's fine for them to be given a weapon, (in fact, a more deadly version of the very AR-15 they hate) ecouraged to kill people, and are told to die for their country, BY their country! (which they volinteer to do so, by the way, THANK YOU!) How is their age an issue!? NEXT!

The big issue I want to take on is this term "assult". If the left really wants to be consistant, they will push for a ban on ALL 'assult' weapons...(miniacal laugh here). Since the left can't actually define the term "assult" weapon, let's use the actual definition of assault; " to make a physical attack on". OK, so anything someone uses to attack someone else is an "assult" weapon...hummmm?! Interesting. So let's see what they would have to ban. Starting with, but not limited to; cars, trucks, baseball bats, fish (yes people have been assaulted with fish) rocks, dogs, cell phones, you get the point. "Oh, we meant assult 'rifles' ", the left says. The problem there is, ANY rifle can be used in an assult, right down to a bolt action .22 (you libs will have to Google what that means), or even an air rifle. Maybe the 'air is too close to AR?

Here's another problem with defining an "assult" rifle. Case in point. Russia just a few days ago now, four dead in a shooting outside a church. The "assult" rifle, an old side by side double barrel shotgun. Two shots, empty shells out, reload, repeat. No "high" capacity magazines, no scary looking add-ons. Let's face it people, evil will do what evil will do, with whatever evil has to do it with. Enough blaming inanimate objects.

That's just what I think.

Deep Keg, out.
Philly mayor too P.C.! Not so fake news!
Sadly, this is NOT fake news! In a press conference concerning the Super Bowl winning Eagles parade, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney declares Philadelphia the city "of brotherly love...and sisterly affection." What?! Did he just "P.C." up the city's slogan?! "Sisterly affection"?! That's not the slogan! Can he do that?! What's next? Does Love Park become Mutual respect regardless of gender park? It's looking like we're starting to feel the back-lash of the latest wave of "man guilt". It's destroyed the Super Bowl commercials, award shows (Not that I found a bunch of self congratulating ego maniacs, interesting...but I digress) and now trying to creep into city slogans! Too far!
Deep Keg out...of patience for this nonsense!
Worse response EVER!
Joe KENNEDY III?! Really?! THAT'S who they choose to respond to the state of the union address?! This kid was born from politicians, life long politicians! Where to begin?! Where to begin?!

To start, the Democrats thought it would be a good idea to have someone who looks like they just got out of high school, talk to a bunch of high school age kids at a vo-tech school...and the WORLD? Granted this was in Massachusetts, the Kennedy home base, so nothing is off the table. I'm guessing he needed an audience, like most true politicians, to know if (to quote Sally Field) "you like [them], you really like [them]"!

Besides the obvious destraction of the Vaseline (I hope it was Vaseline and not drool, looking at all those young girls....sorry, just a Kennedy stereotype...or is it?) on his lips that looked like a 95 year old lady applied it, his delivery sounded like a campaign speech written by a depressed Dr. Seuss in collaboration with Al Sharpton, chock-full of two line sound bites. Unfortunatly, more than half the time I had NO idea what he was talking about! (not actual quotes, but...) " I see a doggie over there, look at the clouds, in the air." Line after line, no substance. Just campaign sound bites delivered with all the sincerity of an ambulance chasing lawyer. I could pick this speech apart line by line, but that would take too long, what with all the rediculous claims, but moving on. The sadist part of 'young' Joe's speech was where he claimed that C.E.O.'s making three hundred times more than the average worker "wasn't right!" This coming from a Kennedy?! Hey Joe, what was your first job? You seem to think your job is worth 300 times what any of your landscapers make?!

But the most cringe-worthy moment was when a Kennedy had the big brass-ones to mention the "me too" movement........HELLO?!!!!!!! Mary Jo Kopechne! Audra Soulias! To name a few. I guess Joe thought "me too" meant, who was killed or assulted by a Kennedy! Ouch! Google can be used for good kids, look it up. Old Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge into the water and left Mary Jo in the car, I gues to keep it safe under water from criminals, while he went back to the party. Don't worry, he told police about it the next day. Audra Soulias filed a law suit against William Kennedy Smith for sexual assult in 1999. Feel free to Google the rest...there's much more. But good for you Joe, you really have your finger on the pulse of the "me too" movement.

Why the Democrats thought he'd be a good idea is beyond me, but that's just me.

Deep Keg....sick!
Deep Keg: California, a "safe" state now?!...NO!!!!
California had declaired it's self a sanctuary STATE?! Good luck to all, trapped, like Snake Plissken in a post U.S./Soviet war, Manhattan! (Google it now kids) . So now ALL are welcome....O.K. Let's look at what this really means to the (hopefully) unknowing sheepl-le of Califorina.

I start by saying, I hope the majority of people in Califorina are just in the dark about this issue and don't really want this, but the people they elected do! And with that I say, WAKE UP!!!!!

The people in charge want you to accept a totally absurd not to mention unsafe, concept! Let me break this down for you. Illegal immigration, two words, 'illegal'; "contrary to or forbidden by law", and 'immigration'; "the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country". So they have come into this country in an illegal manor. Seems simple.

But now let's put this in more personal terms. We'll compare the United States of America, to your house, your home! Where you sleep, eat, taxes. You bought your home as an investment in your future. This is YOUR home! Then one day a stranger breaks a window, and enters your house. They don't belong there! You didn't invite them so they are in your house "illegally". You would then call the police and they would be taken away, and rightly so!

Now let's say the government passes a law saying if that same person breaks into your home, you MUST treat them as equal because they are just "undocumented occupants" in your home. You can't call the police, in fact you must give them EVERY right your family has! They are intitled to eat your dinner with you, watch T.V. in your living room, drive your car, wear your clothes, go to the doctor, which you are paying for by the way! This doesn't make sense. How would you really feel? Really? People call for amnesty, because "they didn't break the law", they're just "undocumented"...wait! That's IT! Now I understand their thinking! All we have to do is change some words and we can make this a more acceptable world where there would/could be no crime! YES!

Drug dealers are just "un-licensed pharmacists". Burglars are simply "un-hired moving companies". Car jackers are "un-registered chauffeurs"! Rapists are "un-acknowledged boyfriends"!Yes! It's all so clear...

You can change the words all you like, but in the end the police would still arrest an "un-invited guest" any day! This might be a small bone to pick, but it's my bone and I'm gonna pick it! Deal with it snowflakes!

Deep Keg..out!
George Soros at it again?
Terrorist group Hamas, under the flag of Palestine, calls for "three days of rage" after President Trump officially acknowledges Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I thought their fanaticism knows no limits? Yet, apparently they had to wait a day to start the "rage" due to rain?! Is this a baseball game? Hummmm?! Since when do terrorists declair a specific time frame to voice "rage"? (I hear Al -Qaeda is pushing for a strict 9 to 5 "blow yourself up" work time. But that's a different story. Yeah right!) Isn't the mission of every terrorist group, 365 days of rage?! Unless...staged protest, fiend outrage, and media driven where have I heard something like this before? ...Oh I remember! Occupy Wall Street! Statue protests! Black lives matter! But wait, look further back, to the late 1960's, 1969 to be exact. Three days in Chicago organized by "students for a Democratic society" AKA the Weather Underground, a radical Democratic group (google them) Sounds fimilar!? To Quote the church lady, "Whoooo could it be?..I dont't know. Could it be....oh I dont't know..."GEORGE SOROS!!!!? (Google him now kids) He lists, as one of his hobbies, building up, then collapsing countries' economies," just for fun"! Now, I don't have a smoking gun, or a tin foil hat, but when I smell a skunk, I know it's a skunk! Why does it seem like Chicago/Democrats are at the center of things then, and now? Obama, Chicago senator, Soros, BIG Democrat contributor. "Three days of rage" originate in Chicago in the '60's, then suddenly terrorists call for the same thing 47 years later, after eight years of an Obama presidency that ends in a presidential run, and loss, by Hillary, and a win by Trump. Now, I'm just presenting a very abbreviated case, but it has to make you wonder. Look into it yourself...please!

Deep Keg..out!
Elmo follow up

In an unpressidented move, and against his lawyer's advice, Elmo speaks out about the sexual allegations made against him. In an impromptu press confrence, Elmo takes a stand that no one saw coming. His opening remarks stunned the crowd. "Elmo lives, in Elmo's world! Your laws don't apply here. Elmo has diplomatic impunity." We assume he meant 'immunity', but he went on to close his press confrence, after a profanity-laden tirade against the accusing women, with his final remarks of, "and just so Elmo is clear, this press confrence has been brought to you by the letters, F and U!" He then did a mic drop, and walked off. We will continue to follow this story.

Deep Keg..out!
Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, and now the latest name added to the ever growing list. A name associated with innocence and purity. Beloved by children of all ages. But now, multiple women are coming forward with allegation of sexual misconduct that would make Hugh Hefner blush. The "man" in the center of the bullseye, Elmo! Yes, THAT Elmo! We reached out to his publicist, but as of now, he has not commented. Producers at Sesame Street would only say, "[they] would be disappointed if the allegations were proven true." We will be following this bombshell story and will report any new developments.

Deep Keg...out!