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A Response to Ann Coulter

As an admirer of Ann Coulter, I spent another Wednesday evening internally analyzing her recent column, "Trump's Failing. Don't Ask Me to Lie About It." Although many #MAGA supporters have harshly criticized her rhetoric, I think her column was a well synthesized review of the current problem Trump can't seem to overcome: immigration.

I wrote a few months back about Trump's dearth of policy implementation called "Is Trumpism Transferable?" My main conclusion included the fact that "Trumpism, or should I say those behind it, must now figure out how to become a long lasting movement and social cause" due to the loss of Republican congressional power. Since then, the President has largely ignored his base on the red hot immigration issue. He basically let Nancy Pelosi, the Koch Brothers, and Jared Kushner determine future immigration policy in last week's spending bill, leaving no benefit to his supporters or the Republican Party.

Although I agree with the "3D Chess" crowd that the President was let down without GOP support in Congress, since they remain the spineless snakes that they always are, Ann's point that Trump is failing on his keystone issue still rings true. Trump needs a hail mary pass, as Ann mentions, to utilize the National Emergency declaration to finally build a wall. It would be down right miraculous for him to get through the courts and the endless strain of regulations and restrictions in the Deep State to get the job done.

Immigration remains the most important issue to Republican voters. People in Wisconsin and Ohio don't vote GOP because they want tax cuts for business owners (who benefit outrageously from immigrant labor) or cuts to Medicare and Social Security (which are strained due to mass migration and poor management). We (GOPers, Americans, Patriots) all keep voting to end illegal immigration and reduce the negative effects of unfettered legal migration to our wages and communities with no results.

Trump Twitter followers can keep talking unemployment and economic growth all they want, but a strong economy didn't stop Arizona from turning blue like last year. A strong economy didn't keep Orange County, California from swinging Democratic in every congressional seat (in a suburban county Reagan won 3-1). A strong economy didn't make Ted Cruz's victory larger than two points. Immigration caused this path towards a permanent Democratic majority, and the fate of the nation is at stake.

Ann correctly announces, from the rooftops some might say, that no firm policy movement on reducing immigration is destructive for Trump and America. I hope she is wrong that the President doesn't care about the issue, but it does appear that the wall will stall.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
February 21, 2019
Don't joke about Ocasio-Cortez. Fear her.

Media personalities on the right look at newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as some sort of comedic punching bag: someone they can mockingly criticize and gain short term political points.

In the minds of many conservatives, I think they hear Ocasio-Cortez speak and think her ideas are so idiotic, unpractical, and flat out crazy that no one would even consider the policies.

They are wrong.

Two of the Bronx Congresswoman's main policies, a medicare for all system and free college, are very popular proposals among the American public. In general, most Americans still favor capitalism over socialism, but that is drastically changing as the Millennial generation alters the national economic ideology. 18-29 year olds are the only group where a majority view socialism favorably and a minority view capitalism in a favorable manner. Not surprising, but still important, a majority of Democrats today view socialism more positively than capitalism. ( news.gallup.com/poll/240725/democrats-positive-socialism-capitalism.aspx).

Bernie Sanders, who Ocasio Cortez worked for during his 2016 presidential campaign, nearly won a national party primary while identifying as a Democratic Socialist. Open support of socialism is no longer frowned upon by the Left and people like the young congresswoman are reaping the benefits of full fledged progressivism.

Along with socialist tendencies gaining strength in the country, climate change is becoming a bigger topic of force with young people, the affluent, and the general left. Ocasio-Cortez wants a "Green New Deal" that will shift energy use from fossil fuels to renewable resources. Young people today are strongly in favor of government action on climate related issues, and this congresswoman focuses on the issue enough to attract attention among the powerful climate lobby.

How will Ocasio-Cortez pay for all her delightful programs? She really doesn't know (she just says "pay for it"), but believes a 70% tax rate on high earners will help. Republicans may think high taxes are bad for business, but Americans consistently poll in favor of higher taxes on the rich. It's a ridiculously popular initiative that almost never loses fervor from the poor and an increasingly frustrated middle class.

All of these ideas are antithetical to traditional conservative views. All of these ideas, in theory, are also popular amongst the electorate. Whether or not Ocasio-Cortez is insane is not my prerogative. I won't make fun of her. Instead, I'll fear her.

People don't rush to the polls laughing at the other side; they run when they are scared or energized. Conservatives should be afraid of someone who is so radical, passionate, and gaining national attention with almost no experience or knowledge base in anything.

I view Ocasio-Cortez as a representation of contemporary politics and education: ignorant, arrogant, and sensational. Like many other people of our time, she holds deep convictions on topics she knows little about. The louder you are, the bolder the claim, and the more you tow the party line of the unenlightened masses, the more likely you are to get elected and become a celebrity. Ocasio Cortez is a byproduct of our self destructive education system and incoherent political debate in the public square. Many others are, too, but they still think they're right.

I would not minimize Ocasio Cortez. She is much more powerful than the old-guard GOP wishes to imagine.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
January 10, 2019
2019: The Crazy Before the Storm

Newscasters frequently use the term "the calm before the storm" to explain quiet conditions preceding epic weather events, particularly snowstorms and hurricanes. Meteorologists predict harsh future conditions, but hours before these events occur usually involve little activity. People hunker down, businesses close, and roads become devoid of traffic.

In a way, 2019 will unmask the craziness ahead of the incoming 2020 election. Although painful for many, campaign season looms a few months away. Candidate announcements, formations of exploratory committees, and cocktail parties with the donor class are about to commence.

President Trump appears destined to win the Republican nomination. No one grasps the current mentality of the GOP voter like he does. Any opposition to him will be pummeled.

An open Democratic primary, barring another Clinton disaster, will be anything but smooth sailing. Dozens of candidates may jump into the voracious event to defeat the incumbent President.

Division in the country will continue without pause. Broken relationships, split neighborhoods, and menacing attacks on Facebook leave the brains of many fried to a crisp. The madness from the left never really stopped after 2016; democrats are too frantic and frenzied to stop themselves from everlasting political warfare. Anyone attempting to avoid politics in 2019 will be totally mistaken. No one escapes total war.

The 2020 winner won't matter though. A larger, secondary event unraveling in 2019 will be a man made storm, one that has been brewing for five decades. America awaits a tumultuous demographic future set to shape our economy, politics, and culture in a way never before seen.

Within the next 25 years, Americans of European ancestry will constitute a minority of the population. Sometime thereafter, the descendants of the pre-1970 immigrants will lose their majority status. The country will no longer look, speak, or think the same way it once did.

No one can deny the changes to come because they already started. A majority of public school students and children under age 5 are minorities. Several states have "minority majority" populations and many others are approaching that point. Nearly 9 out of 10 Americans considered themselves Christians as recently as the 1980s. Today, the Christian proportion of the country hovers around 70 percent, and declining at breathtaking speed.

Don't forget the government takeover of the American family either. Over half of children living in America today live in households receiving public assistance. The most recent Census indicates that over one quarter of children live with a single parent (single motherhood in particular strongly correlates with poverty and lower future outcomes for children). Many Americans have no remembrance of times when families, churches, and communities took care of their own. Today, government is god to tens of millions, worshipped for all the wrong reasons on a disastrous road to serfdom.

As authoritarian multiculturalism continues, America will emerge as a balkanized state with little interconnectedness amongst the populace. Mass migration limits income growth for average workers and increases animosity between newcomers and the working classes. Elites adopting a new form of enlightened despotism will gain untold fortunes and cease any empathy towards Middle America. Endless foreign wars make defense contractors rich and provide protection to an incompetent bureaucracy. A New America divided by more Globalists ( typically educated whites, longtime liberals, atheists, most nonwhites) and less Nationalists ( typically middle class whites, christians, non white conservatives) has the high probability of destroying the social fabric of our country. In many ways, this destruction has already begun: say the word "Trump" at a party and watch the event escalate quicker than a bar brawl between two drunks from rival football teams.

The coming year will deliver more insanity to a once simplistic, American life of hard work and dedication. The media will galvanize left wing extremist groups with constant calls for action. Trump will buttress a declining Right Wing by supporting popular cultural causes. At the end of the day though, 2019 will be calm compared to the festering break down of the nation that happens next.

By 2030, some democrats will be begging to go back to the Trump days, and many others will too.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
January 01, 2019
Is Trumpism Transferable?

In my relentless post-mortem pondering over the previous election, I've come across a question I thought of in the past, but largely ignored due to my simplistic glee during the Trump Presidency: "Is Trumpism Transferable?"

Political movements sometimes perpetuate under the demonstrated leadership of an individual. Sustainable political movements, however, include more wherewithal than a single person reigning over a kingdom. Movements require eventual policy action. Massive changes under FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society periods solidified liberal economic ideology. Fundamental shifts in political culture are necessary too. Nixon's "Silent Majority" and the GOP's "Republican Revolution" in Congress in 1994 come to mind as salient examples of grand political reformations.

Last, but certainly not least, all political movements need soldiers ready for combat. FDR and LBJ presided over gigantic Democratic congressional majorities. Reagan and his GOP affiliates invited evangelicals to transform the Republican party into a powerful Christian Right force. Obama's Coalition of leftists and minorities sacrificed the seats of several dozen "Blue Dog" Democrats to pass a health care bill that paved the way for socialized medicine.

When it comes to the need for additional troops on the ground to fight the war of politics, Trump lacks greatly in numbers. Much of the Republican Establishment shuns him, including his subordinates on Capitol Hill. No major traditional, conservative publications acknowledge the importance of his movement; very few at all attempt to describe Trumpism's followers and beliefs as anything more than pure racism (which is a bunch of crap). The dearth of intellectual assessment and development halts the movement to a stand still. Regardless of the twitter followers rallying behind the President, the other factors lead me to wonder what the future of Trumpism holds for this sickly land.

I've written more than once about the background of Trumpism. The movement is far from a cult of personality. Making America Great Again means much more than listening to one loud, obnoxious, New York Street-Fighting Orange Hope to the patriots willing to give our President a chance. Trumpeteers care about the economic and social destruction globalism causes to America. Trump's followers see the decline of the modern nation state that has governed the world for centuries. The direction of the United States is heading towards will send us back somewhere near the dark ages. The fear of losing your land is a powerful force, but needs the right headwinds to make a difference.

The Trump Presidency is nothing more at this point than a barrier from sheer insanity plaguing the nation under a Democratic administration. Nancy Pelosi's House definitively concludes the minimal progress of MAGA policies. Trumpism, or should I say those behind it, must now figure out how to become a long lasting movement and social cause. Someone, most likely many others, must rise to the ranks after Trump, and now is the time to prepare for that.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
Election Result: Immigration Wins, Republicans (Eventually) Lose

November 6 delivered mundane results for the two parties. Democrats assumed the House in a "blue wave" so minute that a paddle boarder wouldn't even notice gliding through the timid crest. Senate Republicans breathed a sigh of relief after defeating Claire McCaskill, Joe Donnelly, and Heidi Heitkamp, retaining the chamber that gave us two Supreme Court justices and will prevent any impeachment threat from mentally ill Democratic leadership.

Contrary to the GOP brain trust's assumptions, tax cuts did not provide positive motivation for voters. Two thirds of voters answered "hurt" or "had no impact" to the question of tax law effects. You can imagine who they voted for (hint: not Paul Ryan).

Exit polls indicate healthcare was the top issue of importance. "Healthcare reform", meaning socialization, is a topic that satiates the cravings of an ever hungrier, left wing Democratic base. Everyone figured that would be red meat (if they weren't all vegetarians) for those voters.

But what was issue number 2? IMMIGRATION! Voters citing the border as most important to their vote selected Republicans 3 to 1. 50 Percent of voters also considered Donald Trump's immigration policies "about right" or "not tough enough." Again, I'll leave it to you to see how they voted!

Yes, the economy was a close third in terms of top issues, but the overwhelming majority of American voters did not choose the economy as the driving force behind their choice. Gone are the days of "It's the economy, stupid" or "jobs, jobs, jobs," if those days ever even existed.

No, the economy no longer matters. Voting is tribal, and any smart Republican saw that while watching the results. We witnessed quite a few "what happened?" scenarios: the losses of tea partier Dave Brat, Trump supporter Katie Arrington, and championed reformer Scott Walker were just a few.

I'd also point out the importance of religious identity in voting behavior. The only religious group that voted Republican were Protestants. At 49 percent support, Catholics have ALMOST assimilated after 150 years of arrivals (note: many of our current migrants are catholics so this skews the total to Democrats). I can’t wait to see how quickly we convince the Muslim Somalis in Minneapolis to vote for Kris Kobach or Ted Cruz!

Another side point: all but one signer of the Declaration of Independence were Protestants. Enough said on that one.

Let's not forget the massive Democratic gains in California, either. No one can underscore the epic loss of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher; he illustrates, one might go so far to say epitomizes, what used to be Orange County's suburban, religious, patriotic, free market based conservatism. California didn't swing left because of hippies and Woodstock; immigration inundation did the trick for the D's.

And for all the talk about Democrats' rise in affluent suburbs, let's remember many of those places are filled with newcomers as well. Go back to 1980, and the voters who lived in places like Atlanta's northern suburbs or Southern California then would be revolting against The Left of 2018. Ferocious support would turn in the Republicans' direction if those people, some of our former ancestors, were witness to mass migration and a delusional opposition party.

All of the American suburbs were relatively monochromatic in the 20th century. Wealthier suburbs skewed slightly more right wing than the working classes, but the general trend was that everyone focused on what was truly best for the country, their communities, and their children. Tribes don't operate the same way; everything is about the benefit of the tribe. All others are treated as lifelong enemies. No level of cohesion exists in a Tribal America except political parties. Tribalism is a partial reason for the incredible levels of polarization today.

Immigration may have created this country, but it appears that it will destroy it too.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
breitbart.com - Midterm Election Exclusive - Scott Adams predicts greatest turnout by republicans maybe ever in midterms

"Dilbert" Cartoonist Scott Adams was interviewed in Breitbart by Senior Editor Joel Pallak to discuss the upcoming midterm elections. Apparently, the imaginative Adams made successful prediction of Trump winning the GOP nomination and defeating Hillary in 2016. Now, Adams predicts large GOP turnout in November.

Although I don't particularly care about Adams or his opinions, and I've never read "Dilbert," he brought up some great points. The fact of the matter is that Republicans saw the devastation and heartache delivered to the mass media and elitist left on election night 2016, and many of those same people would love to do a repeat. There is a joy that humans derive from proving an opponent wrong, and the issue of voter turnout involves psychological observances that even the best political and social scientists have yet to fully understand.

Pollsters can attempt to factor in every existing variable to vote counts, but they will continue to struggle quantifying the opinions of those who do not respond or, worse yet, those who only enter the "correct" response. With the level of ostracization and mischaracterization Republicans face today, there is no doubt in my belief that many people hold their views deep inside their minds. Undercounting the right is commonplace in the UK, with the term "shy tory" used to analyze the consistent improvement in performance of the Conservative party in elections compared to polls. Celebrities and the media can bash all they like, but voters will (God willing) go into the voting booth and select the candidates they deem best.

Yes, I agree that many GOPers are excited to try proving the world wrong once again, but millions of others are just scared to say what they think. Lack of free speech in our country today is sad, but it turns out that the benefit of this suppression of ideas goes handily to the right wing.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
Ban Trump From DC (Until November 7).

Republican strategists have never understood the power of President Trump's rallies. For most politicians, rallies are just for sound bites to play on the news and television ads. Trump demonstrated a greater value for these grassroot events than any candidate in recent history.

Tens of thousands of supporters would gather at events before primaries. Many times, there was not even enough space for overflowing crowds in the parking lots. People did not even care that they could not see Trump; most were enthused at the fact that there were so many friends, neighbors, and work colleagues who agreed that America needed a serious change in direction.

I have been noticing the need for Trump on the campaign trail for awhile. 2018 will bring difficult results for Republicans if they don't double down on the core values of the Trump coalition who now form the modern GOP. Protecting the border, fair trade practices, and a reduction in foreign intervention will create victories. Tax cuts, H1B visas, and waiting a week to confirm Kavanaugh are losing positions.

Trump must be on the campaign trail. Congressional Republicans are useless in their efforts to swing moderate voters. The mission of the GOP must be to save the nation from extremism that is demonstrated by the left on an hourly basis, and nothing else. POTUS is the only person in America who can illustrate the mission in a way that turns out voters en masse.

He should have rallies every day. Screw the DC politi-crud that engulfs the White House. Keep Trump on the ground, in the swing states, with a friendly crowd, and there will be a rosy red Election Night.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
Globalist Pope Ignores Reality

Instead of trying to prevent the sexual abuse of children in The Church, Pope Francis went to Lithuania to preach the need of acceptance and tolerance to the Christian World.

The glorious, most divine globalist said that the Virgin Mary "stands near those who suffer, those from whom the world flees, including those who have been put on trial, condemned by all, deported".

Yes, he has to put deportation in there. After all, this is a pro-immigration Pope. He sees no reason for borders or walls unless we are talking about his Vatican City fortified by the Swiss Guard.

Francis mentioned the great diversity and welcoming attitude of Lithuania during his homily. In Mr. Pope’s mind, he believes that Lithuania serves as a historical example of a nation that has been diverse and had a positive attitude toward migrants and different people.

I know better than to believe a charismatic Catholic (anyone heard of the Kennedy brothers?), so I did some brief internet data mining to see if my inference that Lithuania is more or less a homogenous ethno-state is true. Courtesy of the 2011 Lithuanian Census, I have just a few facts to note:

- Roughly 84% of Lithuania is ethnically Lithuanian, a proportion that has increased to some extent in recent decades
- Over 90% of the country is either Lithuanian or Polish
- Over 95% is from Eastern Europe
- Three quarters of Lithuanians are Catholic
- There are about 2,700 Muslims in the ENTIRE COUNTRY of over 3 Million*

*and those Muslims are mostly Tatars who originated from Russia centuries ago. Not exactly Dearborn!

America has never had such little diversity in terms of religion or ethnicity. For Pope Francis to somehow hail Lithuania as some bastion of diversity and liberal values is utter nonsense. By the way, Lithuania is similar to many other Eastern European countries in their rejection of mass islamic migration from Africa and the Middle East. I don't see the streets of Vilnius filling to the brim with Somalis anytime soon, unlike Minnesota www.wnd.com/2016/07/muslim-refugees-threaten-minnesota-community-with-rape/.

I'll cheer on Lithuania's existence just as much as the Pope, but for all the right, factual reasons. Lithuania is a nation built from the former Soviet Bloc that has created a relatively free economy, safe society, and they see no need to import millions of foreigners who have no connection to their current culture.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
Tell Me Your Deepest, Darkest Secret!


In a recent CNBC interview, Senator Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren expressed (for the upteenth time) her fervent support for higher taxes on businesses.

She fell into a trap that rarely happens with Democrats on television news, and I must say I appreciated the question:

Q (CNBC): If Democrats take the Congress, if you're in the White House, or both, would you like to see these corporate tax cuts repealed?
A (Warren): Yeah, I really want to see them rolled back.

Q: Back to 35 percent?
A: Well, it's not about the number....

Let me shout this from the rooftops: GIVE ME A NUMBER!!!

Ask any Democrat in the world what the tax rate on high earners or businesses should be and they have absolutely no clue. They always just shout "higher!"

For a long time, taxing the rich didn't even have an actual number attached to it. President Obama trained the left wing masses to believe a married couple earning 250,000 dollars a year was enough to be "rich." Bernie Sanders whines about "millionaires and billionaires" while he forgets to mention that he is a millionaire himself.

Democrats also love to confuse their voters by interchangeably using the words "income" and "wealth." Truth be told, taxing a billionaire is no different than taxing the homeless man in the Bronx who doesn't even own a shoe box: If both make no money this year, they aren't taxed at all. Alas, the difference is that a billionaire will have, at minimum, a billion dollars in assets and the other guy has nothing.

The problem is clear from the eyes of a somewhat-watchful observer: the left demands continuous progression and alteration of the tax code from revenue generation to wealth redistribution. Taxes were designed to pay for wars, not for the anchor baby next door to get a 7,000 dollar refund check, or for GE to pay no taxes while other companies pay the top rate.

So Democrats, if you want to give the poor or the lazy or the stupid more money, tell them to go on welfare. You can't keep your dirty secret forever.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
America's Birthday Gift: A New SCOTUS Judge!

Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement delights conservative hearts. For too long, the judicial branch of our government has been enamored with quirky interpretations of a clear Constitution.

One could argue the worst judgement in modern history was the court's determination that Obamacare was constitutional. Millions of true constitutionalists will never forget that wicked June day when Chief Justice Roberts sided with the barely breathing, never retiring Ruth Bader Ginsberg and "wise latina" Sonia Sotomayor in allowing socialized medicine (and, therefore, less freedom) to plague the nation forever. Inciting the taxing powers of Congress, Roberts and his feckless friends argued that the individual mandate served as a tax. Meanwhile, Democrats lied for years about the fact that a mandate such as this would be considered tax. In the mind of Mr. Roberts, that did not matter.

America's lower level district and circuit court judges stoop even lower in the political frenzy consuming the bench these days. President Trump's travel ban from nations that are impossible to vet has been blocked numerous times by a random judge in Hawaii. Unacceptable and downright illegal rulings on immigration occur daily by reckless judges seeking to fulfill their humanitarian dreams. Why anyone thinks the judiciary has the right to alter and destroy America's demographic future, I'll never know, but the point still stands: judges are not upholding the rule of law.

Before Justice Neil Gorsuch's introduction to the Supreme Court, a return to the values of our founders appeared to have no avail. Fortunately, The Great Orange Hope himself arrived to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., with a Republican Senate to boot, and an honorable replacement to Justice Antonin Scalia was delivered. Gorsuch recently supported religious freedom, ended unions' money grabs from non affiliated government employees, and upheld the travel ban. Quite the record with only one year of service!

How silly, whiny, and cantankerous do the Never Trump Republicans look today? Trump provided a judge with excellent credentials and a deep affinity for constitutional rights. I guess George Will will keep crying into his glass of milk at some overpriced D.C. patisserie. Feel free to laugh at him for me!

SCOTUS selections are, without a doubt, an arduous task: judges' ideologies can shift, times change, and sitting on the bench is a job for life. Trump has alleviated the concerns of many conservatives by utilizing a list of judges who retain the core values his supporters also hold.

Whoever is selected in the end will endure heavy media criticism. Abortion ladies and gun haters already began prancing through the streets and bombarding various media platforms over the end of Roe v. Wade, gay rights, and gun control.

The left is calculated when they play the "extremist" card: anybody who questions current policies that are liberal is crazy, but any change to conservative policy is simply "progressive." Personalities and politicians from the right better focus on the insincerity of the claims by paid, professional protestors and their less than patriotic patrons. An opportunity to reshape the future of our nation to better the lives' of generations to come is too great to allow NBC, CNN, or George Soros' cronies to screw up.

Now that another justice needs to be chosen, there is an even greater chance for a Renaissance in originalist constitutional theory. Thank God for this POTUS, and thank God for his SCOTUS! We shall await for the arrival of a new, strengthened, freedom loving Court!

Who knows, maybe we can even stop the anchor babies.

And by the way, Democrats, no, the Republicans don't have to wait for the midterms to win this seat. You loony lefties had to WAIT for the 2016 election to get a new judge because the SENATE was controlled by REPUBLICANS and they were waiting for a REPUBLICAN President to provide them with a reasonable nominee. Whoever controls the senate determines debate and vote schedules. Done. Goodbye for now, whackjobs and friends alike!

Nicki 'Da Pin'
We Will Run Out of Money
The poor kids!

Separated from their criminal parents, illegal alien children permeate every minute of the news. Journalists (propagandists) from around the world stand at the border depicting our border enforcement officials as nazi-like stormtroopers attempting to ethnically cleanse the nation.

Clarification: you can't commit genocide if you're not killing people. You also do not have to care for those who are not part of your nation. Any asylee or foreigner we assist is charity, not obligation.

Anyway, an enormous factor ignored by the media is the fiscal detriment uneducated, unskilled people create. Uncle Sam providing food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare for asylees leaves a massive burden on taxpayers' already-overworked shoulders. Actual immigrants who get to stay receive all the tax benefits, free education, and various other benefits that our indigent citizens are supposed to, well, benefit from.

Part of the current monetary struggles in the U.S. originate from immigrants, but others are from our own citizens. Waste, fraud, and abuse plague the social welfare system. Personal relationships and well orchestrated lobbying determine contractors instead of merit. Bureaucrats sit with a thumb up their nose, and their hand somewhere else (nbcwashington.com/investigations/Dozens-of-Federal-Employees-Watched-Abundance-of-Porn-on-the-Job-in-Recent-Years).

Some sit and ignore truth, but the bottom line to America's balance sheet is that there is not enough cash for all of us. Medicare will run dry in several years; Social Security funds will deplete shortly after. The Federal Budget bloats ever larger by the second, and over 20 trillion dollars of debt is minuscule compared to the future costs arriving upon The Treasury's door step.(Visit USADebtClock.com to learn more!)

Once the bank accounts are empty, and no other country will loan to us, and we can't creatively mortgage our way out of the incoming financial reckoning, what will actually happen?

I truly wonder, but the wondering won't last long. America will not fall like the USSR, because too many people make too much money off the government through private sector contracting. We will not fall like Greece, because Greece is receiving bailouts.

This country will be alone, and many will suffer. Just add a few million more third world migrants, and tens of millions of their fellow brethren, and the real party awaits.

Fear not, my friends, for there is a God: Rachel Maddow is crying, and we still have Melania (cnns-kirsten-powers-first-ladys-jacket-should-read-let-them-eat-cake).

Nicki 'Da Pin'
"Roseanne" Means More Than Racism

In fact, "Roseanne" is not even about racism.

For people who proclaim an unyielding commitment toward racial equality, hollywood elites must have forgotten the point of that cause.

Roseanne Barr wrote obviously poor comments according to our media saturated, politically correct, hyper sensationalized world. Writing what she did was bound to cause controversy, and yes, she would be better off not tweeting with her ambien (or marijuana) at bedtime.

Nevertheless, Barr's removal from television deeply disappoints me. "Roseanne" depicts the American Working Class better than any other primetime show in history. I determined my observation while watching the original series, when Roseanne was a crack pipe liberal, and I still concur with this sentiment now that she is a crack pipe liberal supporting Trump. Her politics has little meaning on the show itself; the cast remained almost entirely apolitical throughout both series (excluding the first episode of the new edition).

The Democrat Media Establishment aimed straight at "Roseanne" from the moment a premiere was announced. They found exceptional timing in destroying any opportunity for an authentic family from the heartland to air on screens nationwide. Not to mention the hypocrisy involved in their nonsense; Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Clinton get to sexually assault women and they are welcome on any channel, any time.

In left wing cases of controversy and wrongdoing (ahem...Samantha Bee!), we are forced to forgive. However, the very same people preaching about forgiveness one moment demand permanent destruction the next. If all the tweeters, movie stars, and media personalities out there cheering on the end of "Roseanne" truly cared about improving race relations, they would forgive and give someone a much needed opportunity to move forward.

No "moving on" can occur with Barr though, because her departure had nothing to do with racism. Television bigwigs wanted her out because she, like our President, represents a frustrated silent majority. Sadly, the bullies of our country received their wish of the season.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
Mr. President, You're Right on the Economy, but Remember Your Rallies

There is little doubt that President Trump's stand out positive issue is the Economy. He frequently receives high approval ratings for the state of the national economy, and those numbers are starting to indicate that even core democratic supporters are crediting Trump for his good works. A recent poll indicates over half of Black and Hispanic voters providing some credit to the President for the positive economic news occurring since his election breitbart.com Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Give Trump Credit for Economy.

This is great news, but the President better watch his ego. Republican pollsters and his elitist buddies in New York will tell him now is the time to reach out to Democrats and moderates by shifting his policy points. I can hear some of their ideas already:

"Well, maybe you don't need a wall to win, Donald!"
"Hey, some gun restrictions are good restrictions, even if MS 13 doesn't follow the rules."
"Now is the time to let in more refugees. They'll LOVE your stance on tax cuts for hard working Americans!"

I think anyone can appreciate that there are people out there who are logically seeing this President as strong on the economy, regardless of their personal opinions on him. The problem is that we are in the middle of a culture war, not an economic one. Sure, there may be a trade dispute with China, but don't be fooled: economics don't determine modern politics.

Donald Trump represents the forgotten man: today's working class, middle class voters who are squeezed out of their traditionally safe, stable, and at least somewhat-upwardly mobile lifestyles. Immigrants from the bottom and Professionals from the top are reducing the quality of life for the people who support the President.

If Trump thinks he will win additional support from these Hillary-for-life voters, he better go back to the places where he held his rallies. I'd bet all of those men and women chanting "build the wall" and "drain the swamp" realize that their political opposites do not care about what is best for Trump supporters. It's one of the major reasons they supported the President in the first place.

POTUS must redouble his efforts to attract and retain his followers. Many "undercover Trump voters" took the risk because they thought his changes would truly help this nation. He better prove that to them before a blue wave washes away all those hopes and dreams.

Nicki 'Da Pin'
No, George Will, You are Just a Loser

Link to article: washingtonpost.com opinions/trump-is-no-longer-the-worst-person-in-government/2018/05/09/10

George Will, a well known supposed conservative columnist, wrecked Vice President Mike Pence in his recent post. Will named him the worst person in government for giving praise to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Apparently, supporting a pardoned Sheriff who remains strict on immigration laws makes Pence pure evil in the eyes of the Republican intelligentsia inhabiting the Swamp.

Although the longtime columnist stood as a voice for the right for decades, George Will clearly lost his touch after the 2016 election. His first paragraph from the current column is just a mish mash of highfalutin diction chastising the President as nothing more than an arrogant narcissist. Due to the fact that Will has been a part of the Establishment GOP for a lifetime, he simply won't admit that he was wrong; wrong about Trump, the 2016 election, the future of the Republican party, and wrong on immigration policy.

An attack on Pence containing the vitriol and condescension of a smug, whining aristocrat from the Capital should not surprise anyone. George Will no longer represents the views of the Republican Party, and to be quite Frank, that's why they won the greatest general election victory of generations in 2016. Trump garnered a coalition containing men and women, mostly lesser educated, with religious tendencies and blue collar, traditional backgrounds to win an election that only could have happened by reaching out to the regular people, not just Republican diehards.

My final piece of evidence: Will laments that Pence should take advice from John McCain on honor. Let's be clear: John McCain lost a critical Presidential election to a man who never should have been within ten miles of the Oval Office, let alone inside of it.

You are a sore loser, George Will, and you represent everything that Trump's supporters detest about the Republican Party.

I hope you keep having fun losing! Meanwhile, the rest of us will try to save the country.

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Shock Poll! And another less shocking poll...

2018 Election fever has already hit the media. CNN and MSNBC are preparing for a joyous takeover of the United States (aka democrat victories in special elections, and shortly, the general). Although the polls are not always right, I disagree with some on the right who think all polls are hogwash. Surveys, and polling in general, can provide a broad understanding of trends and developments that I believe should be examined. Also, I just have a weird kink for statistics.

A recent Quinnipiac poll has Texas Senator Ted Cruz ahead by 3 points of his Democratic rival. Yes, only 3 POINTS! IN TEXAS. Cruz loses independent voters by 17 points and wins a much lower share of the White vote (59 percent) than President Trump won back in 2016 (69 percent).

I hope most of you know by now that the demographics of America are changing. If anyone thinks Texas is a safe bet just because it's been Republican for a lifetime, think a little more about Dreamers and Anchor Babies having the right to vote. Their votes (and votes and votes and more votes) can make the difference!

Not letting felons vote would also help, but fortunately, they are not as big of an issue right now as letting Dreamers vote (maybe they will be after more dreamers BECOME felons).

A greater level of empirical evidence is coming from research displaying the overall trend of diversity benefiting the democrats. A recent report from Public Religion Research Institute shows that even significant support from non college educated whites, along with current levels of minority support, would lead to Republicans losing elections by the mid 2030s (States of Change 2018: America's Electoral Future). Most projections show these political changes happening even more quickly.

Kelli Ward is also third place in a recent poll for the Arizona Senate election to replace Jeff Flake. Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for his overtly strong stance on immigration, is second. Congresswoman Martha McSally, a proponent of letting the Dreamers stay (and continue coming in!) is first.

I feared that Arpaio would split the vote of the anti-swamp republicans out there. I just hope they can all unify at some point. I like Sheriff Joe, but some of his controversies could come to haunt his supporters if he were to win the nomination.

Then again, we can never deny the Trump Idiom: say lots of things that annoy lots of people, and you just might win!

Update: another AZ poll has come out showing Kelli Ward leading...an interesting primary season ahead!

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Goodbye, Paul!
Oh, how I wish things ended differently.

Like the end of any grueling relationship, there is some relief, but some sadness in the retirement of the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

For one, I am thrilled at the prospect of new leadership for the GOP. With the political climate demonstrating an anti-Trump wave for the midterms, a much needed change of course can now take place . Real Clear Politics currently has the generic ballot displaying a seven point advantage to the Democrats. 36 Republican seats are categorized either Toss Ups or in the hands of the Donkeys.

Numerous retirements by long standing GOPers, including Ryan, still prove problematic for the GOP. When big names start to give up, a political party should worry about the state of affairs within their ranks. However, I see some brightness here: we are in the midst of a political realignment. Traditional red-blue divides that started splitting this country into two half a century ago no longer determine electoral outcomes the way they used to in the past. Today, the educated vote blue, the less educated vote red, and the uneducated are pretty blue. Racial and religious boundaries are just as, if not more, polarized than in the past. Republicans are demographically in trouble, but they have the chance to save themselves.

Paul Ryan started out as a young, cheerful, intellectual conservative from Wisconsin who made budgeting and fiscal restraint his priority. Over his 20 years, I think it's fair to say he did not make much progress.

He was deemed a "Young Gun" of the GOP, someone who would work with newcomers and make real inroads in Congress. Once again, there are arguments to be made on that front with regards to his efficacy.

And finally, he was supposed to be our superstar athlete Vice President back in 2012. That failed, miserably.

I admire Paul Ryan for entering politics as a young person and espousing the right of center beliefs he holds. In many ways, I agree with him. He WAS a never Trumper though, and he has few accomplishments to mention on his career epitaph. Sometimes, we just have to say Goodbye.

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Omnibus Spending Shames Trump, but At Least We Know About the "Swamp"

Yes, the recent 1.3 Trillion dollars of appropriations to random governmental departments signed by President Trump last week should sicken all conservatives. Our small government values seem to have little representation in DC these days, and even more troubling is the fact that we have a Republican controlled Congress, and White House, conducting such behavior!

On the other hand, overspending and bureaucratic waste has existed in Washington for several generations. The numbers just keep getting bigger due to inflation and the creeping growth of an already bloated Federal Government (let's not even start at state and local; we're just screwed there).

Trump signed a bill that runs against all rational, conservative values. However, we must note one great accomplishment of the President from a PR standpoint at least: "Drain the swamp!" is still a frequent term used by Trumpeteers and the Right. Average, everyday people have come to realize that our government is not just corrupt; the scandalous swampy behavior is bought for and subsidized by the American taxpayer. We all pay the price for useless government workers sitting on massive benefit plans and compensation that actually exceeds the private sector. For the first time in a generation, there is actual discussion among the working people in this country with regards to swamp spending.

So, yeah, the Trump Omnibus sucks....like, a lot! (As millennials would say). We can not forget the importance of this bill in reminding the American people, and those voters in the Middle of the Country, that government is too big, too strong, too well connected, and must be stopped.

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2018 Election Update: No, Trump is Not The Problem...Congressional Republicans are!

"Journalists" and political pundits alike can not resist pouring endless accolades toward Democrat Conor Lamb and his (almost certain) victory in the Pennsylvania special election for the 18th Congressional District. A devoutly Trumpian district in 2016, which POTUS won by about 20 points, now enters the democrats' hands.

But, in all actuality, what happened in this race? Mass media outlets will report the race was a complete, definite referendum on President Trump and his policy points. The GOP will have no choice but to surrender the House of Representatives if they have to run under the President's agenda in an Anti-Trump repudiation at the ballot box.

One of the main issues with the idea of an anti-Trump wave is the approval rating of the President. Real Clear Politics currently places the approval rate of Pres. Trump at roughly 41 percent; not his worst rating, not his best. Even more important to consider is the fact that, according to recent polling conducted by Axios, Trump's approval in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida ranges from 46 to 48 percent (also for the record: Trump's approval stands at 54 percent in Ohio). Although under the 50 percent watershed mark, frequently discussed in polling, Trump taught many that one does not need 50 percent support in order to win elections. In fact, he won each of the aforementioned states with less than 50 percent. Working with less than half the vote is playing on dangerous margins, no doubt, but all is not lost for the Trump coalition. I would argue that the base of the President, a mix of working class and suburban white christians, is as strong as ever.

The bigger problem is the incompetence of the Republican Party. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are useless in conveying a pro growth, pro American agenda to people in the Rust Belt states. We have thorough discussions at Buddy Walker over the ability of Trump to convince his voting base to head out to the polls in 2018. Right now, it doesn't look good. One has to remember though: Presidents can lead parties but can not control them. To have congressional GOP candidates win elections in their respective districts, they have to convince their constituents that current policies are working for those people.

Maybe doubling down on America First would help? Well see what the lobbyists say. Stay tuned...

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"I have a dream, a dream that, one day, all walls will be created equal, filled to the brim with sweet, pure concrete, reaching as high as heaven above us."

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