My DACA Epiphany
January 2018

No, I can’t believe it either: one of my deepest fears has become mass amnesty under the Trump Administration.

The globalist/corporatist movement is so heavily ingrained in U.S. institutions, and the buffoons that operate inside them, that I see the tsunami from the shoreline.

DACA will happen. Trump will cave, the Republicans will be stupid enough to imagine new hispanic voters will pick them, and Nancy Pelosi will sit in her office rubbing her hands together in ghoulish delight. Teddy Kennedy will enjoy devilish DACA supervisions even under his tomb; after all, this multicultural disaster waiting-to-happen was his original creation (note 1965 immigration act). He will be so proud of Trump, but even prouder of himself.

I once abhorred the thought of a million plus uneducated, illiterate, entitled, self righteous juvenile delinquents receiving the same rights that were given to my great grandfather. Reckless, useless indigents will obtain the same privileges of citizenship (but now with social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, free housing, etc.) as a man who endured a dangerous trek from Eastern Europe and worked in a Rust Belt coal mine until his death. All he ever desired was freedom and a better life for his future family. All these loser “dreamers” want are freebies and more spanish language television channels.

But something changed.

A stunning realization hit me: DACA does not matter. There are a few reasons why:

  1. DACA will not deliver a million motivated, hardworking, simply wonderful souls. The courts (and a future democrat controlled congress) will allow giveaways for millions, possibly tens of millions, to enter America through whatever crackpipe rule they concoct.
  2. As stated in #1, as soon as the Democrats regain power, which they will, they’ll bring in whoever the hell they want to, as they have for decades.
  3. As mentioned in #2, the Democrats will win again, quite soon, because they don’t even need the DACA votes; there are enough anchor babies, children of anchor babies, “chain migration” beneficiaries, and other regular immigrants to swing just about every future election in their favor.
While there is always hope, these facts lead to weariness even for the strongest of patriots.

Trump’s ascension to the White House was based on many un-republican principles. No wars, less immigrants, reforming trade deals, and maintaining heavy entitlements is not exactly Reagan’s dream candidate. The greater point is that Reagan could not win today on his policies; there are too few classical liberal, center-right, middle class, open eyes and ears voters to listen to Republican viewpoints. Basically, there’s not enough Americans in America anymore. 2012 proved the inability of a traditional republican (ahem..Mr. Romney) to win. The distance between the two candidates on the economic policies they adhered to was the widest we had ever witnessed in the Modern Era, and voters decided: they like big government and they don’t want any change, except further enlargement.

And even in the case of Trump, the guy only won 46% of the vote. Thank god he rounded up the ballots where he needed to, but for anyone thinking the Republican future is somehow bright, pay attention to changes occurring nationwide.

Two prominent, eye raising examples are California and Virginia. Ronald Reagan, or Mitt Romney for that matter, could not win a statewide race for dog catcher in California. More residents are leaving (I would say escaping) the Golden State than arriving; Immigrants dominate California, and they vote.

Virginia’s demographics shifted the fairly red state of 2004 to purple in the late 2000s/2010s, to now an almost fully blue state. Reagan/Romney would most likely lose a statewide race there, too; they definitely will in about two election cycles. One important factor to remember: once a state is diverse enough, it turns blue and doesn’t turn back.

Even the GOP godsend of Texas turns blue soon; DACA will just make it bluer, faster.

Don’t worry about DACA; consider the law a sign of the times. Greater fears remain, like the astronomically high proportion of immigrants, the insane measures we utilize to bring in subpar individuals, and the poor outcomes for these people post-citizenship. American leaders are not providing new citizens time to assimilate into society. The balkanization of a once (relatively) unified nation illustrates a path towards self destruction. I don’t know how to fight back at this point, but throwing Marco Rubio (or funnier: old white congressional republicans) on TV and telling hispanics to vote GOP due to DACA isn’t going to work. Our new voters don’t watch the news or listen to candidates; they vote their identity. Establishment republicans are in deep trouble, but I hope they realize this peril is their own fault.

Buddy Walker