NFL Monopoly?!
October 2017

1. the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.

I'm calling for the break-up of a giant monopoly: The National Football League (NFL). Now, the government has granted the NFL some kind of special "pass" in this area, but I think it's time to join the left and agree that it's time to end this wretched millionaire "loop-hole".

Let's break it down: if you want to watch your home town football team, you have to watch the NFL. They supply entertainment to us, the consumer. And if we don't like the product, we have no other option. Let's compare that to any other business. Say fast food, America's favorite addiction. Let's say there was only one fast food chain. We'll call it Sonic-Wendy McKing. So now there's only one source for your "soilent green" burger and shake. Now, by definition (see above), they are a monopoly. So you would think the government would move in and break up this monoploy? Yes! But they haven't broken up the NFL, they gave them a pass! (no pun intended) I could even make this more simple...Bell Telephone, (AT&T) "Ma Bell". How Many remember that there was a time when, if you wanted to make a telephone call, you had to go through Bell Tell! Period! They argue, "well, you don't HAVE to eat fast food! You can make a burger at home". Sure, and you don't HAVE to make a phone call either, you can write a letter, or visit in person! Let's face it, it was a monopoly and the government stepped in and broke it up. So why won't they do the same for this giant, "evil" corporation called the National Football League!? Any other league that tried to start up, was soon shut down, until there was only one...once again. A quick look back, there was the USFL...gone, XFL...gone! Were it not for the fact that college football is the NFL's minor league, they would probably be gone too!

So let's get a bipartisan agreement together and break up the evil, rich, white, racist, billionaire/millionaire (that's owners/players) monopoly as soon as possible!

Deep Keg out

Buddy Walker