College Campuses: Land of the Crazed, Home of the Snowflakes
August 2017

Universities in America have become the “learner of last resort”. In a world of infinite knowledge, ideas, theories, and concepts, a vast swath of students in America are wasting their education away doing two activities: drinking and protesting.

For some reason, everyone on college campuses decided to give up on earning an education. Students and faculty alike have joined the ranks of the activist Left. Constant marches against President Trump are a prime example of the wasted time on campus. While protests can serve an important purpose in communicating information to the general public, simply walking around and snapchatting with your friends before heading to Starbucks to buy a six-dollar coffee does not constitute a groundbreaking proposal for change that must be heard.

Campus protests have a much more dangerous side that exists though. Just within the past few weeks alone, a noticeable spike in violent activism has been taking place. The forced silencing of speakers at colleges is becoming a common trend. Milo Yiannapoulous was unable to speak at UC Berkeley early February due to concerns of violence, which ended up becoming true. Vandalism, car burning, and peppering spraying of a Trump supporter all became part of what the media described as a “peaceful protest” outside the original location of the speaking engagement. The latest example arises from Middlebury College, where a planned speaker was attacked by a group of vicious demonstrators. Charles Murray was physically assaulted, along with a college Professor and college administrator. The professor who was injured currently wears a neck brace due to this disgusting behavior. Murray writes and discusses many controversial issues, no doubt, but for so called protestors to choose violence to end the speech is impossible to morally defend.

David Rubin, a notable liberal commentator, was blocked from speaking at an event at USC several days ago due to a student group’s inability to pay for security guards for the event. The school believed that Rubin was “controversial” due to some of his statements, causing concerns for student safety (which would have probably been an issue). Even liberals are kicked off campus now!

These actions are all led by a group of Millennials (and their left wing professors) that I like to call the Snowflake Army. They will support, with fervor, the right of every single minority group possible. But, they will not support the right of hate groups to speak, such as: Republicans, Conservatives, Evangelicals, Trump Supporters, Libertarians, Capitalists, Guiltless Whites, or any other group who does not agree with EXACTLY what they say. You see where the caveat is in their free spirited, loving foundations for a community, right?

The problem with all of these events is that one of society’s most sacred institutions, higher education, is under assault by students and faculty who are actively trying to end free speech. Leaders in education, politics, finance, and the media enable these people to act in the outrageous manner that they do. People can only start to act like absolute maniacs, incapable of listening to any other opinion or idea without using literal violence, if someone allows them to act this way.

Bottom line: Colleges should always be places of free speech. No matter how putrid the words seem, opinions should be shared. Free societies are built on varying opinions and reasoning, not identical, likeminded behaviors. Unfortunately, students today are constantly told that the only way for them to be unique, special individuals filled with tolerance and kindness is to bow down to the Snowflakes. Groupthink is never a good idea. Sharing ideas, however, is! Stop the nonsense occurring in higher education by participating in free speech. Have opinions other people disapprove. Do not succumb to the Snowflake Army of angery couch surfers, text messengers, and social media posters. Fight for what is right, and do it with a smile on your face. That, my friends (and maybe some not-friends?), is what will save our democracy.

Buddy Walker