The Caravans are Coming! The Caravans are Coming!
April 2018

I know, I know, writing about immigration constantly can become tortuous to read. If only we could stop Third World importation and just talk about the rest of the political mess in the US of A!

Reports inform us of a migrant caravan seeking to cross the Border into the country. Nothing, and nobody, appeared to be stopping them. Just a few days ago, that apathy changed once the President authorized the deployment of troops to protect the border.

My goodness, do I hope the Emperor God has Arisen! I won't hold my breath though; this is the same man who is arguing IN FAVOR of keeping Dreamers (at least publicly).

Oddly enough, the frantic caravan of uneducated, unskilled, spanish speaking lawbreakers-to-be reminds me of another eerie sight from 2015: the Great Muslim Migration of the Arab World into Germany. Remember Mama Merkel opening the doors to her nation, only to start closing the floodgates two years after? It's too late for the land of Oktoberfest and Sauerkraut. Mass unemployment, violence against women, and increasing political tensions domestically are destroying the social capital of a once hard working, efficient nation.

The Migrant Effect on Germany varies from the U.S. only for the fact that such a large number (relative to their population) arrived at their gates so fast. For the U.S., we have been managing disastrous immigration policy for several decades (Note once again the 1965 Immigration Act!). Many communities in the U.S. are not outwardly American; Dearborn, Michigan, Newark, New Jersey, and Miami, Florida have large, insular immigrant communities that have little interest in assimilating to their new homeland's cultural values and mores.

Don't worry though, liberals, the migrants of both countries are just as ungrateful and angry as you had hoped! When migrants arrived in Hamburg back in 2015, they were flat out PO'ed at the fact that the government only had space for them in warehouses to sleep, not private apartments. Another man who was looking for property in the country didn't want to speak to a real estate agent because she was a woman. Oh, and don't forget the one asylee, a Somalian (Shoutout Mogadishu Minneapolis!), who successfully sued the German government because his application for asylum was taking to long to process. (Germany: Asylum Seekers Make Demands)

I also love the reports of migrants demanding better food. After all, Nutella is a human right. No one can dispute that rule. (Migrants burned down refugee centre causing €10 million in damage because there wasn't enough Nutella, Gummibears or chocolate, German Red Cross worker reveals)

The migrants of the German State remind me of our current "Dreamers." I've written about them in the past, but their absolute disgust for the American legal system, created by our ancestors, continuously makes me wonder "why on God's green earth does anyone want them here?"

Here are the two facts that I genuinely believe:
  1. Evil, treacherous, or plain idiotic democrats know that these people will all vote straight ticket for their party line forever.
  2. The democrats are wicked enough to slowly force our country to ingest the immigrants, legal and illegal, so that the wide swaths of Americans too busy paying their bills or watching "Game of Thrones" will not notice the trend.
Meanwhile, while the caravan is slugging along through the lovely central American landscape, our central planners are attempting to prevent grants of asylum to White South African farmers. Their land will be stolen by the South African Government, thus losing their livelihoods, and then they can wait to be slaughtered by radical activists who are determined to commence an ethnic cleansing to clear the wrongs of Apartheid. The Boers, South African farmers, have far more in common with Americans; both peoples live in nations that were created by British and Dutch Protestants, have similar core beliefs with regards to maintaining a nation state, and are willing to work hard to achieve personal success.

So, once again, we prove that the American immigration system is internally flawed. Can someone get POTUS to read "Adios, America" again?

While I wish for a wall, and a grand wall at that, my latest desire is more immediate. The American people must SEE for their very eyes what is coming (and has partially arrived) to our neighborhoods. A large, demonstrable migratory group perfectly illustrates all the worries that many of us on the right have had all along. Convince our leaders to take a stand, even if that means armed troops at border who once and for all say "NO! NO MORE OF YOU! THIS IS AMERICA, AND IT'S FOR AMERICANS!"

Buddy Walker