The Eagles’ Disinvitation: A Casualty of the Leftist Total War
June 2018

"Total War," as defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica:
military conflict in which the contenders are willing to make any sacrifice in lives and other resources to obtain a complete victory, as distinguished from limited war

Choose to criticize the President if you wish, but suspending the Eagles’ White House invitation after their Super Bowl victory is not Trump’s fault.

Liberal America forces politics to dominate all conversation; the divisions in this country are their fault.

Neighborhood barbeques, weekday playdates, and yes, even church parking lots stay populated with democrats obsessed, crazed, and ravenous in their pursuit to destroy all things Trump.

Presidential invitations were once considered a mighty honor. Now, they serve as a battle line. Players wanting to do the right thing, which is attend or politely decline, can’t act with such courtesy any more. Every action is political, just the way the left wants life to be.

Democrats’ hyperventilation is much worse than simple obsession though. I don’t mind if my friends have a favorite television show they can’t stop talking about, like “Roseanne.” Conflict arises once someone no longer accepts that their show might not be everyone else’s go-to program.

Overplayed polarization leads to your liberal “friends” on facebook unfriending you, because they heard from their friend living in the apartment down the hall from them that your mutual friend said you possibly considered voting for Trump in a drunken stupor. The horror!

Disrespecting half the country on a daily basis is the cause of progressives. Their devious plan to divide ruins all the fun in our country. For some reason, the all day, all night protesters can’t accept that people they know think differently from them and may even constitute the majority of public opinion.

Arrogance, ignorance, delusion (ahem...p***y hat marchers!), however one describes the madness, The Left has decided that Trump is the issue of their time. No matter what he says, he’s the visual representation of evil. Trump could read Obama’s inaugural speech on the White House lawn and say it was better than his and the media would somehow create an accusation of collusion (maybe Putin emailed Trump to say it!).

How an individual evolved into an entire ideology still stumps me, but once you get The New York Times and every nightly news program into a hate-bash-for-one, the evidence explains reality.

Trump rarely concedes in his battles, and this has not been his first duel with the NFL. Colin Kaepernick, head troublemaker of the league (excluding a few other wifebeating felons), faced Trump’s twitter fury when the athlete began kneeling during the national anthem in 2016. Head honchos on sports programming defended Kaepernick’s actions, but the American public disagreed. Disapproval was, to say the least, fervent.

Viewership declined by a tenth, according to an article in “Sports Illustrated.” Teams with players who kneel see their merchandise sales drop, except in the case of Kaepernick. 49ers fans deliberately purchased his jerseys so that they could burn them.

A great deal of this conflict is because the NFL, like almost all other cultural institutions in our country, made the short sighted decision to integrate politics into their business. Executives and players alike somehow determined that this moment in time birthed a call to action, to speak out. With the dearth of objective political discussion in America, multimillionaires paid to punt, or pick the punters, did not realize that a majority of people still appreciate America for what it is….


Football fans love their nation, the national anthem, the flag, the big game, and an ice cold beer to top off the rest. Unfortunately, the civil war liberals are so desperate to commence* prevents proud Americans from viewing their game in simple delight.

By the end of the Obama Administration, one of the only activities a politically divided family or social circle could do was watch sports together and root for their team. Now, the joy of sports will perish, too.

Total war causes many casualties, and the signs point to a death of large scale viewership of what were unifying events. Once all activities turn political, there is no going back to a civil America. Hope for the best, but consider the worst.

*Although, important to note, the left is desperate for a civil war, but the right has all the guns. Our education system really fails to note that the guy with the bigger weapon usually wins. Oh well!

Buddy Walker
*  *  *