To Preserve, Protect and Defend....Would President Trump Reinstate the US Constitution Or Become Our First King?

Donald Trump has often been accused of not being specific enough when discussing his proposed plans to "Make America Great Again". But while the media focuses on whose feelings he has hurt or which racial group he has offended, Trump has published three very impressive position papers, one on immigration policy, another on the Second Amendment and a third on tax reform. Together they look like the plans of a true constitutional conservative. But is that really Donald Trump? Does he really even want to be President Of The United States, and if he gets the job will he uphold the Constitution or will he uphold Donald Trump?

I think that these questions are exceedingly important considering the constitutional tipping point that we currently face in this country. I believe that the 2016 presidential election will be one of the most important in this country's history. I also believe that Donald Trump is a real and viable candidate for the presidency and is indeed qualified to do the job. But as I watch his never ending self-promotion and constant chest thumping I grow concerned as to whether a Trump presidency would help this nation re-assert its constitutional roots or continue the executive branch's current rise to royalty.

In August Mr. Trump published an immigration policy plan that was very specific and very strong in its assertion that immigration laws should protect and serve the interests of American citizens, not those trying to get into the country illegally. The plan was comprehensive, well written, and embraced by many as a program that would really work and work quickly.

Trump released another policy paper in September detailing his stand on the Second Amendment. It advocated gun ownership, state reciprocity of concealed carry permits, and an end to government gun and magazine bans. This is the second very specific plan that Trump has put forth, and the second plan that supports the view of a true constitutional conservative.

Most recently he has generated a tax plan that reduces income tax from 7 brackets to 4, cuts the business tax rate to 15%, abolishes inheritance taxes and cuts capital gains. Constitutional conservative Mark Levin called it "a hell of a plan".

How do such detailed and intellectual outlines come from Donald Trump? Known for his bombastic speeches, his showmanship, and his huge ego, Trump is often portrayed as a boorish buffoon and not an intellectual. 'The Donald' should not be expected to compose detailed positions on domestic policy. Should he?

Let us not forget that Mr. Trump is also an accomplished executive. He sits atop a hugely successful real estate empire and literally wrote 'The Art of the Deal' (which he claims sold more copies than any other business book in history). He is not just an executive, he is an executive of considerable success and power and one that should not be trifled with. Just ask him.

Detractors will point out that Trump had help with his immigration plan. He did not actually compose the plan by himself. Good executives, however do not need to know everything or do everything themselves. Instead they know how to find the best talents available and use them as advisors or managers who get the job done. This is an extremely important and valuable talent in a leader and at least in part defines the difference between the Carter and Reagan presidencies. Donald Trump does indeed have this executive quality.

To create his immigration plan, Trump engaged the help of Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama who is an expert on immigration and chairman of the Senate subcommittee on same. I do not know if he had someone's help writing his tax plan or his policy paper on the Second Amendment. If he got help there it could have been from Charlton Heston's ghost. It is that good, and I could vote for Donald Trump if he really stands by what he wrote. Add to that his ability to cut through the oppressive mire of political correctness, his refusal to back down to the bullying left wing media and wow, suddenly his speeches need to be made from a stadium. ...Let there be no mistake, Donald Trump is for real.

The problem is that our country is at a tipping point, teetering between liberty and tyranny. The US constitution and it's separation of powers have been dismantled and the executive branch of the federal government is gobbling up power like a python in the Florida Everglades. President Obama's use of the EPA, DOJ, DOE, TSA, FEC, FTC, OSHA, NLRB, along with his famed pen and phone are quickly transforming the office of president into the office of King, and by 2017's inauguration there will be in place all of the pieces to build the throne onto which our next leader could ascend.

If our next president is truly a constitutional conservative, he or she will dismantle this throne and put the balance of power back where the founders intended it - in the hands of the people. The temptation, however, to become King will be stronger than it has been for any president since George Washington, who was actually offered the job. George Washington was a man of great character who put the concepts laid out in our constitution ahead of any personal glory or gain. Can that same statement be made of Donald Trump?

As much as I enjoy watching Donald Trump chew up the arrogant icons in media, culture and politics, his underlying character and intent concern me. Maybe if he presents a plan to abolish rule making by executive agencies, stop run away executive orders and make laws come from Congress again I will be convinced to support him. In the mean time I will sit back and enjoy the show, it has been a really fun ride so far. But I remain cautious. POTUS has become an incredibly powerful office. It is ripe for a King and Donald Trump looks really good in a crown. It shows off his hair.

Buddy Walker