'Its Time To Punch Scott Farkus'
December 2020

Let me start with, what I'm assuming is a universally accepted principle. We are all anti-bullying, right? So why is it acceptable (apparently to the left) to bully someone with a differing opinion?! I'm asking YOU, the "you must be tolerant of ALL opinions, (unless it differs from OUR opinion!) left!

It's high time we push back against the "shaming" culture pushed on us by the uber left. To them, now, EVERYTHING is; racist, homophobic, anti (fill-in-the-blank), depending on their agenda at the time. Really?! Now it's, "you want to kill grandma if you don't cancel EVERYTHING!" Stay home, hide in your basement, "two weeks to flatten the curve"...or perhaps, 8 months, 9, maybe more! Why?

COVID...wait for it, done, done DOOOONNNNE!!!!...19! (Not COVIDs 1 through 18....humm? Some of those were MERS and SARS strains. No lockdowns, and we're not all dead?! Without lockdowns!? How is that possible?! "Oh, but Deep Keg, the virus mutated and is now a KILLER!" Viruses mutate to survive herd immunity. If we fail to achieve that, it WILL be a REAL killer, not a >.01% Co-morbidity rate, killer. So, is isolating oneself a good thing? But, that's another rabbit hole for later.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, any gathering of more than 2 people (yes, a touch of sarcasm there, but not far off) is VERBOTEN! (that's 'forbidden!' in German, just in case you didn't know, unless you're a Democratic politician, then I'm sure you're familiar with the Third Reich-yes, I went there ((example of pushing back! See how I did that?!)). But they go ahead and have a party, a fund raiser, go out to eat at a restaurant, indoors, without a mask, get their hair done because they have to look "good" (rabbit hole), or whatever they want! Not us! God forbid! Do they ACTUALLY believed in God? As Nancy Pelosi always tries to make us believe? (so many rabbit holes) You'll kill us all! They say, but I'm sorry but the numbers don't add up. With a 99%+ overall survival rate based on "positive" test cases. (CDC approved numbers)


We usually, who am I kidding, we ALWAYS take the high road, but it's definitely time to shame them back. It's time for WAR.

A-hole Baldwin, (Sorry, did I spell 'Alec' wrong? No, no I didn't) while on the Howard Stern show, said he thinks it's time to shun those who don't quarantine themselves for, weeks, months, or "as long as it takes"! Easy for him to say! He could disappear forever (and I wouldn't even know he was gone) and still have enough money to live his life with no negative impact. Actors are still working!? You know, the "working class", but restaurant workers, small business owners and those employed by them are being told, they can't open. They can't make a living. Hey A-hole, not everyone has that luxury.

Shun, shame, aren't they basically the same thing? DUH! Yes!

Is it time to turn the tables on them for the future of America? Again, DUH, YES! But not for spite, it's time to stand up to the bully! Push back! It's time to, and to quote my old band Rain On The Parade, (Sgt. Ron in particular) "stand up, stand up and fight, fight back!"

Deep Keg out...of patience!

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