November 2020

I no longer knew what to do.

I stayed in my house when ordered to do so. I temporarily closed my own business. I stopped watching sporting events co-opted by BLM. I restrained myself from running over the protesters that blocked my car. I begrudgingly wore my stupid mask.

I kept my faith in our Constitution and systems of government. I encouraged like-minded friends and family to register to vote. Then I stood in line and waited for my turn to participate in a much-anticipated Presidential Election, only to watch my dreams disappear, one stolen vote at a time.

My hope and faith were replaced with despair and anger as I watched election counts mysteriously stopping in the middle of the night, and my candidate's substantial lead disappear as endless streams of unverified ballots piled up for days after the election should have ended. With jaded eyes I then saw how a global pandemic was weaponized to stop our economy and then illegally change the very rules of our election process.

I was overwhelmed with the realization that I will never see justice come to those who have sold their offices for financial gain, used their power for political ends, and insidiously corrupted once trusted government institutions. That assaults on my liberty and speech would only get worse. That people like me will continue to be publicly condemned as racists simply because of our beliefs in The Constitution, small government, and personal liberty.

It was then that I remembered the video of Andrew Breitbart saying simply:
Fuck. You

Andrew Breitbart was a tenacious warrior who fought against oppression and tyranny. The "War" quote is from a trailer for a documentary called "Hating Breitbart" by Andrew Marcus and was a highlight of the 2012 CPAC conference. Bretibart died less than three weeks after CPAC and while his life was short, he had a profound and lasting influence on the conservative movement in America.

The full quote goes like this: "I am so sick of the media dictating the narrative in this country. I'm so sick of having to be apologetic for who I am. I'm so sick of people in middle America being called 'fly-over country' or 'slope-headed'. And what the Left has stood for with political correctness is to try to get those with whom they disagree to shut up. And the tea party movement and Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman and Allen West and all the people that have gone out there against the mainstream media and said you're gonna call us racist, you're gonna call us potential Timothy McVeighs? Fuck. You....War"

I found the iconic clip and watched it several times, then began to reminisce about the days of the Tea Party, the Acorn scandal, and Anthony's Weiner. I remembered the way Breitbart fought to protect those maligned by a vicious liberal media and how he shed light on the corrupt tactics of the Democrat party and the Obama administration. Intrigued, I downloaded his book "Righteous Indignation." It is the story of how one man with a web site was able to take on powerfully established institutions in both media, and government and bring about real change. The book inspired me. It showed me how we can still fight. And fight we must, because there is no doubt that a war is underway.

What is happening now in our Republic is not Democracy. The blatant and continual lies and obfuscation put forth by what is now a Marxist Democrat party and its media propagandists are against economic freedom, against liberty, against free expression. And they are working. Chaos is being used to bring down our system, and it is happening throughout our culture and our government. Chaos and lies are tools of evil and evil must be fought. Andrew Breitbart saw this evil coming and he developed the tools to combat it.

Breitbart observed that the Left's first line of defense is always to control the language and the narrative, then, with the ends justifying the means, follow through with bullying intimidation and slander to force their targets into submission. These tactics are outlined in Saul Alinsky's book "Rules For Radicals" which Andrew Breitbart used as his own strategic playbook to attack the Left. He took the fight to them. Refusing to bend to their false characterizations, he forced them to answer the question "Why" until they exposed their true agenda. When faced with adversity and continued attacks on his character and ideals, Andrew Breitbart would never back down.

Andrew Breitbart was tactically brilliant in baiting the media that hated him into helping him promote his material. He would pull them into covering a lead by releasing just enough of it to make them believe that they could use it to destroy him. Then after they had set the stage and garnered all of the attention, he would release the rest of the evidence proving that the story was undeniably true, thereby removing their ability to bury or distort it. I think that today Donald Trump is the only Republican that thinks remotely like Breitbart. Maybe it is time that the rest of us did so as well.

Consider what would happen if Republicans brought a truck filled with ballots marked only for Trump and dumped them into a counting center where they knew a fraudulent Biden count was taking place. The Democrats would stop everything, and then scream to both the press and authorities that illegal votes were being pushed into the system by evil Republicans. In the ensuing investigation all the fraudulent Biden votes would be discovered and thrown out. Unorthodox actions like this are vintage Breitbart. They take the fight to the Left on its own terms and invariably are successful because democrats have no experience with their own tactics being used against them.

I believe I have no option now but to start my own personal war. I know that I cannot go around like Antifa punching my fellow citizens in the back of the head simply because they voted differently than I did. But neither do I have to sit by and accept every premise or behavior that they subject me to. I will remember Andrew Breitbart when exposed to the brainwashed Gender Studies graduate spouting off ridiculous pronoun rules, or the masked-up COVIDIOTS that blindly follow this tyrannical face covering farce, the "Karens" that long to take charge of the behavior of others, or the frightened rabbits that have been told to conform or they will soon die. Instead of avoiding them or accidently knocking them down with my shopping cart, I will ask them "Why?" And do so repeatedly until they either give me a reasoned answer or they just go away. I will also not let these people characterize or define me. Breitbart said that "Labeling a person a racist is one of the worst things you can do to someone in this country,'' and it is one of The Left's most used tactics. I will not accept this from anyone. Controlling the conversations in our personal lives is the first step to keeping our freedom of speech.

My war will also be fought to take back control of a national lexicon that is currently polluted with phrases like "systemic racism" and "toxic masculinity." There are some positives to be found in this blatantly fixed election, the biggest being that even with all of ballot fixing the margins were still incredibly thin. That means that we still hold the majority. We need to exploit that. As members of the majority we can exercise our rights as consumers and refuse to eat the crap that the Left has been pushing out through nearly every aspect of our culture. I will no longer accept, engage in, or consume discourse or programming laced with messages like inclusivity, inherent racism or the gender identity of toddlers. Breitbart preached that politics is downstream from culture and that is why he went after Hollywood and the media before any public official. This is a war that still must be fought.

Much of the "woke" cultural sludge being pushed on us right now is coming from corporate America. They seem to think that we want or need a message about social justice along with our sneakers and soft drinks. They must be shown that "to go woke is to go broke" and I will do my part to make that happen. If that means sitting on a pile of Mike Lindell's Pillows to watch Stephen Crowder on The Blaze instead of sitting on my couch with a Coke to watch MLB baseball, then so be it. Because if Major League Baseball does not want to support free and fair elections they will not get a dime of my money or a minute of my time.

Using citizen journalists and the fledgling internet that he called the "New Media" Andrew Breitbart uncovered hypocrisy, fraud, abuse and corruption. Conservatives need to continue establishing the "New Media" and shine an exposing light on hypocrisy and corruption for those who want to wage this war. Citizen Journalists of today include James O'Keefe (who first worked with Andrew Breitbart on the Acorn scandal), John Solomon (JustTheNews.com), Andy Ngo ("Unmasked"), and Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer who has done an excellent job reporting on BLM and Antifa. We need to follow these people, consume and share their content and support their products where ever possible.

As Big Media giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter engage in cancel culture and social media censorship we need to move to alternative free speech platforms like Parler, Rumble, Locals.com and USA.Life where we can still openly communicate with one another. Andrew Breitbart believed that "the expansion of freedom in the digital world will lead to the expansion of freedom in the real world." If that is true then we must acknowledge that the Left will try to stop it. Frighteningly, there is now a growing need for alternative infrastructure to carry our New Media message. With woke corporations actually taking down entire platforms like Parler (Amazon Web Services) and AR15.com (GoDaddy) there is a need for hosting companies and data centers that will allow free speech platforms to exist. Like Breitbart we will need to flow into every new technological form of communication and use it to our advantage.

Our Republic was built to work from the bottom up and we are not using it that way. Remember that most of the people working to steal the 2020 election were elected themselves at one point. I will Vote locally and vote in primaries. I will Vote to remove the squishy establishment republicans that suffer from what Breitbart called "whipped dog syndrome" cowering in the corner afraid that someone might call them racist if they try to represent the people that elected them. We have suffered them long enough. It is hard to get excited about voting after what happened in 2020. But if we take all of our local elections seriously instead of just voting for the President every four years we can use the system as it was intended and pass our agenda up the pyramid of representative government. This is what can be done to get to the people that miscount the votes, the ones that lie to a nation in turmoil for political gain, the ones that are taking away our rights one politically correct word at a time, the perpetrators of pandemics, the machine, the deep state. War.

We can no longer accept tyranny in any of its forms: masks, shut downs, speech rules, rules against congregation be it in our churches or at our Thanksgiving dinner tables. They are unjust, unwarranted and un-American. These unconstitutional mandates from despotic local officials need to be challenged. Remember that civil disobedience in America goes all the way back to the Boston Tea Party. Use it. War.

For several weeks after the election, I dearly hoped that justice would prevail and that we would not meet the 46th POTUS until 2024. That hope is now gone. And I fear that much of what Americans fought so hard to obtain then later took for granted will soon be gone as well. 2020 has taught us that the political class refuses to stand up to their oaths of office. It is now up to those of us that believe in the United States to protect and preserve its Constitution. We cannot stand by and watch while the Marxists in the Democrat party dismantle what is righteous and just. Because...War

Ed Ayers