Twitter Suspends Christian Group for Accurately Describing Biden’s Transgendered Health Official Dr. Levine’s Biological Sex
A Christian organization has been suspended from Twitter for stating Dr. Rachel Levine’s biological sex.
Penny Starr

Boston Removes Lincoln Emancipation Memorial
The Emancipation Memorial statue, put up in Boston’s Park Square in 1879, has been taken down
Catherine Smith
American Greatness

The Left Goes Full-Fascist With an Enemies List
To hold `Trump sycophants` accountable for their `complicity.`
Mark Tapson
Frontpage Mag

California enacts law allowing transgender inmates to pick prison based on gender identity
Gov. Gavin Newsom signs law making his state fourth to recognize gender identity in incarceration placement
John Solomon
Just The News

Lehigh election judge facing criminal ballot tampering charges decides to resign after all
Another Freak Show of an Elected Official. Who is electing these people.
Andrew Wagaman
Morning Call

WATCH: Oregon health official announces COVID-19 death toll dressed as clown
Claire Poche, a senior official of the Oregon Health Authority, made the announcement dressed in a red tie, polka dot shirt, bright yellow pants, and a full face of clown makeup.
Noah David Alter
The Post Millennial

Library apologizes for allowing child sex offender to entertain children at `drag queen storytime`
The program is already highly controversial.
Chris Enloe
The Blaze

Florida family is raising a gender-neutral `theyby`: `Chose to acknowledge [that genitals] don`t indicate anything about gender`
According to WTSP-TV, Ari Dennis — Sparrow`s mom — believes that her child`s genitals don`t determine her child`s gender.
Sarah Taylor
The Blaze

Mumbai Man Is Suing His Parents Because They Brought Him Into The World Without His Permission
He believes that no human has the right to ‘force life’ on another human.
Priyanshi Mathur
India Times

Feminist Groups Silent on Transgender "Equal Access"
Women’s groups stay silent on the threats and injustices posed by transgender “equal access.”
Abigail Shrier
City Journal

PETA`s take on the masculinity debate is a VIDEO of men with vegetables for private parts
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has injected itself into the conversation on so-called toxic masculinity with its own bizarre male-themed ad reimagining genitalia as giant veggies.
RT Question
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Scientists Will Begin Geoengineering Experiment And Try To Block The Sun
The researchers from Harvard University are going to attempt to use particles to block out the sun in an attempt to save humanity from global warming
Mac Slavo
Zero Hedge

Migrants Demand Trump Let Them into U.S. or Pay Them 50K Each
An ultimatum was delivered to the Trump administration by a group of migrants...
Team Bongino
The Dan Bongino Show

The African island inhabited by super aggressive `monster` chimps released from US labs
The apes - who are all infected with contagious diseases - were abandoned on the Liberian river island after being released to roam free.
John Lockett
The Sun

North Dakota Man Pleads Guilty to Plot to Kill President Trump With Stolen Forklift
A North Dakota man accused of plotting to use a forklift to flip over President Trump`s limo to "kill the president" pleaded guilty on Friday.
Nicole Darrah
Fox News

Knickers the cow: huge Holstein-Friesian stands head and shoulders over herd
This is one farm animal you wouldn`t want any beef with.
Euan McKirdy and Alex Stambaugh

Parents who complained 6ft `15-year-old` pupil with beard was an adult `dismissed as racist by school officials`
The man - reportedly from Iran - was exposed as an adult after classmates accused him of being 30.
James Cox
The Sun

Colorado Will Soon Allow People To Select "Gender X" On Driver`s Licenses
Colorado residents who don’t identify as a male or female will soon be able to select “Gender X” on their driver’s licenses, thanks to recent court decisions.
Ashe Schow
The Daily Wire

Planned Parenthood puts out a creepy pro-infanticide video
Something is probably up in the abortion wars...
Monica Showalter
American Thinker