Leftist Illusions Mixed With Democratic Delusions
September 2017

The wicked collusion between the elites, legislators, and educators should frighten anyone who supports free, democratic government. A recent moment of warning: Ann Coulter and UC Berkeley.

Coulter wished to speak at the University on April 27th to discuss her conservative beliefs and thoughts on the current political climate. However, UC Berkeley derailed her attempt. University administrators hopped from canceling the event, to rescheduling, to concluding with the argument that security could not protect Coulter or attendees from violence. The day before the event was supposed to occur, one of the meeting’s main sponsors, the UC Berkeley Young America’s Foundation (a conservative student group), withdrew support for Coulter’s speaking engagement due to security concerns. Since the UC police operate under an official “stand down” policy preventing interventions with protesters, YAF is probably correct in their position. The problem: this decision should NEVER have to be made in the first place!

Just one of a plethora of examples, the Coulter event further proves that free speech no longer exists in Blue America. Much to the squealing excitement of liberals, “free speech” means code words that they want to hear with no dissenting opinions. How wonderful! Right?

Throughout the country, there are now clusters of people in various towns and regions that are blocking the First Amendment’s reign over what should be our democratic republic. Liberal mobs have developed an environment promoting violence, filled with a cacophony of enraged social justice voices, to permit some views and blatantly exclude others.

Leftists in America have a fundamentally different view of democracy than our forefathers did, which is why excluding speech is easy for them to accept. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines “democracy” as:

a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

You could also use the definition, “America, 1776!” or “See also: U.S. Constitution”

To Liberals, however, democracy means: whoever yells the loudest should have the greatest say. When voters elect President Trump through legal and democratic means, that does not matter, because Liberals (or as they say, “the people”) are angry and marching on the streets. If a city council member sparks controversy, that elected official should suffer resignation, not face election, if Liberals start screaming at public meetings. Congressmen should stop moving forward with policies they were elected to pursue because Liberals sulk in town halls and chant hyperbolic phrases. “Shame on you” and “F*** trump” are less creative than my cats’ meows or my sequences of sneezes during allergy season. At least those have an accidental rhyme scheme once in awhile.

And if you think government is in trouble from liberalism, take a sneak peek into academia.

Colleges and public schools allow our children to think their opinion (AKA what the teacher tells them to say) matters more than anyone else’s. When someone “feels” angry about something, everyone should listen to them if they’re liberal and loud, but not if they appear quiet and conservative. Voting, elections, and constitutionally mandated rules and laws become irrelevant in the eyes of Liberals, since those activities no longer help them because their beloved Obama is out of power.

Hm, I wonder why teachers’ unions only want one viewpoint to be expressed in the sphere of public opinion? Maybe because they know that they are doing an awful job, and if republicans emerge victorious nationwide, school choice will prevent them from conducting their planned, coordinated, universal indoctrination of innocent children?

Democratic legislators make no mention or defense of the First Amendment when conservatives use it. In fact, they work to halt free speech. Look at all the petulant representatives of the democratic party who skipped the Inauguration of President Trump. At the state and local level, watch how Democrats treat the minority in localities where they rule. When California State Senator Janet Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant herself, spoke of her disapproval of the state honoring an Anti-Vietnam War Activist, she was forcibly removed from the Senate floor by Democratic leadership.

No, I was not just writing about the Senate of Nigeria, but of California. Close enough though...

Of course, we cannot forget all the elitist liberal snobs who love anything stopping free speech. An entire legion of rich and powerful are scared to death that the GOP may actually attempt to make it easier for the working and middle classes to get ahead in life. Hillary Clinton had the adoring support of power hungry money men such as George Soros, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban; the list goes on of rich guys and gals trying to hold on to every single ounce of wealth they have by imposing higher taxes and over regulating the little guy to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer. Corporatist liberals call the strangling of competition and new ideas “corporate social responsibility” and “spreading the wealth”; I call it “the dung excreted from a bull.” And yes, Starbucks, that includes your hopeless marketing flop to hire tens of thousands of refugees too.

All of these portions of society, along with the almighty judges-turned-activists, are encouraging the end of free speech in America. And let’s be clear: all fault lands on Liberals who don’t want America to be a land of free expression for all. I detest when others say that both sides of the spectrum are equally poor perpetrators. When violence takes place every time a conservative speaks on a liberal college campus, and it never happens the other way around, it’s fair to say: “Houston, we have a Liberal problem!”

So, for the little guy, utilizing our god given First Amendment during these times is tough. Quite frankly, it’s dangerous for the Silent Majority to stand up in contemporary America (note our website pseudonym). What I will ask in this moment from each and every lover of democratic rule and constitutional authority in America is to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! As shown in November, the electorate still speaks much louder than the Left wishes to believe. The patricians of Potomac and techies of Silicon Valley will stay rich and powerful. The McMansions in McLean and high rises of K Street will remain standing. At least make your voice heard to let them know that you, the undercover voter, disapproves.  

Buddy Walker