March 2018

President Trump’s recent decision to slam tariffs on foreign steel is a FANTASTIC decision! Once again, we have a win for the working people in this country.

Look at corporate leaders, Wall Street, and the rich and powerful...you know, all the people who voted for Hillary: they are scared! Although their fears are misconstrued, I’m more than happy to instill some sense of panic in these people. Now, stock traders and business executives can feel the worry and fears that all of us in the Heartland have had to deal with for over a generation.

The media still does not understand the reasons behind why Trump imposed this added tax. CNBC and business media exhaust their daytime broadcasts with flippant remarks from leftist economists and milquetoast conservatives who demand free trade for the sake of having more goods at lower rates (aka greater globalism). They want cheap quinoa and espresso!

I think they care about the steel too, but let’s be honest, food is always first in the human mind.

Well, for the rest of America, a tariff might just help us get some jobs back into the areas where the need is greatest. An entire generation of men and women (maybe two generations, and mostly men) have been left to fend for themselves in manufacturing heavy areas of the nation. There are no long lasting careers in these areas, except managing a dollar store or drilling on a natural gas field, the latter of which the Democrats continue to try and kill!

When people have no opportunity to make a life for themselves, we start to see the rapid increases in suicide, alcohol dependency, and drug abuse that is currently occurring in the rural rust belt of this country. Life expectancy is declining in our nation precisely for this reason; it truly is bad out there.

Sure, the overeducated white ladies sipping on cosmos at the bars in Bethesda aren’t worried about those issues, because RUSSIA and TRUMP and ABORTION, but these are real issues that people in once flourishing areas face. Trump and his policy advisers recognize this desperation and, for once, somebody is trying to help out the people in flyover country.

Everyone in the liberal media keeps asking: “why would Trump voters want their goods to cost more?” As Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross made clear after the tariff introduction, each aluminum can that an American purchases will cost about a penny more. For the people out in Trump Country, they are willing to pay that price for an opportunity at a better life. After all, they have nothing to lose. That’s why they voted for The Donald in the first place!

Michiganders, Wisconsinites, Ohioans, and Pennsylvanians making 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year supporting families of four, five, or more are not concerned with the economic losses of less-free trade, much less the fact that corporations like Whirlpool may lose some corporate profits. In fact, many people in those states are probably excited to hear that the same big manufacturing companies that screwed them over for the past few decades may actually have to pay a penalty for hurting them and their families. Working Class Americans are struggling, middle class Americans are fearful; this is why they voted for Trump. The President (or his election at least) was a demonstrable display of the middle class standing together to take a stand against the lower class mass dependence on government subsidies and the educated elite who demand more of the power, and money, go into their accounts and trust funds.

All of the findings above are very clear in the exit polls. Trump’s strongest support came from somewhat educated people; his greatest income bracket was households making 50-100 thousand a year; independents and young people in the rust belt states actually flocked to him, enough to give him marginal wins in PA, WI, and MI. Most of us haven’t heard about these results because they do not fit media narratives, but the numbers would tell any rational person that people in the middle (geographically, economically, and educationally) are seriously concerned about their futures, and voted accordingly.

Thank God this President and his subordinates are caring less about what the media, the wealthy, and the liberals think. This is not the time for ideological arguments. Even as someone who appreciates and benefits from free trade to some extent, I know that too many workers have lost work due to poorly implemented policies. The time has come to revise, and possibly end, some of our trade deals. Let’s try something new, different, and better for the average joe! And if Justin Trudeau or the Communist Party disapproves, they can introduce their respective cultures to the joys of maple syrup and steel dumping.

Buddy Walker