What have we become?
February 27, 2011

Last week four US citizens were kidnapped on the high seas, held hostage, and then murdered buy Somali pirates.

In response to this atrocity our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged “international partners to provide material, financial and logistical support to an African peacekeeping mission in Somalia”. The last I checked the Somali pirates were holding 30 ships and more than 660 hostages. I’ll bet those folks are really fired up about a ‘peacekeeping mission’.

Excuse my rather boorish and simplistic view of the world but instead of a ‘peacekeeping mission’ why have we not been watching stuff blow up? Please don’t tell me that Somalia has no organized government and that we have no place to focus our aggression. I’m pretty sure that we know where these ‘pirates’ are hanging out and I see no problem in quickly making that particular place look nothing like it did a week ago.

In 1801 then president Thomas Jefferson put together a naval force to go half way around the world to Tripoli for the sole purpose of stopping the Barbary Pirates. These pirates had been stealing ships and cargo, as well as kidnapping and murdering U.S. citizens. He did not ask the other nations of the world to support a ‘peacekeeping mission’, he sent a naval force to where the ‘pirating’ was occurring and stopped it. I’d be willing to bet some blood was shed before they got the message, but they did stop and the issue was resolved. Except for one thing… the group formed to go and stop it stuck around. They became known as the U.S. Marine Corps.

That’s right, the same U.S. Marine Corps that has been protecting America and making it proud for 200 years was initiated to stop pirates. Is it possible that the world in the 21st century has become too complicated to have the Marines fix this current problem? Are the Marines still around? Are they available to help us? Oh, I know where they are. They are all stuffed into some university lecture hall learning how to be sensitive to homosexual service men and women.

Now just so you know, I care not a flying ferret about the sexual preference of any member of the armed forces. What I do feel strongly about is that our military be properly trained to fight and win wars. Not to deal with the identity politics of the persons with whom they are fighting.

Concerning our secretary of state. Do you remember last year when James Carville uttered this jem: "If Hillary gave Obama one of her balls, they'd both have two". If Mrs. Clinton is sporting the pair of danglers that James Carville gives her credit for then why am I not looking at a section of the African coast through the slowly clearing smoke of a bunker buster? Oh, I know why. Hillary is busy attending a sensitivity course for women with testicles and the men who love them.

Thomas Jefferson would be so proud.

Buddy Walker