West Point is Expected to Remove Portrait of American Hero Robert E. Lee
Cultural erasure is the M.O. of the political establishment.
Jose Nino
The Roots of America’s Mentally Ill Homelessness Crisis
In December 2021, six short blocks from the U.S. Capitol, a mentally disturbed transient pushed a young mother to the ground in an unprovoked attack, breaking her two front teeth.
Sean Kennedy
Why Abraham Lincoln Still Towers Over His Critics
cloudless spring afternoon on May 30, 1922, nearly 50,000 people assembled to witness the dedication ceremony of the Lincoln Memorial.
The History Of Slavery Scholars Don’t Want You To Know
We all know that slavery is one of the darkest parts of human history. But what’s misleading is when we’re made to believe that slavery is solely “the sin of the white man.”
S.G. Cheah
Evie magazine
This Holy Saturday, Remember The Disciples, Whose Fear And Weakness Is Our Own
The fear and weakness of Christ`s disciples aren`t foreign at all -- they are you and me. And with the Holy Spirit, they built Christ`s church.
Christopher Bedford
The Federalist
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Thoughts On The 1776 Commission And Its Report
The commission`s report was removed from government web sites on the first day of the Biden Administration
Victor Davis Hanson
Daily Caller
Lockerbie`s last secrets
The haunting details of Lockerbie bombing revealed in devastatingly moving minute-by-minute account
Jonathan Mayo
Daily Mail Online
Have a Historically Accurate Thanksgiving!
As every public school child knows, the first Thanksgiving took place in 1621, when our Pilgrim forefathers took a break from slaughtering Peaceful, Environmentally Friendly, Indigenous Peoples to invite them to dinner
Ann Coulter
Thanksgiving During The 1918 Spanish Flu
On Thanksgiving 1918, the world was in the throes of a pandemic that infected around one-third of the global population
Andrew Breitbart`s iconic `War` declaration finds context in Trump era
This Washington Times article from 2018 seems to have relevance in 2020
Larry O`Connor
The Washington Times
The Battle of Midway Island: Incredible Victory
Bill Federer recounts providential turning point of World War II...
Bill Federer
The Carter Era
Last month, Jimmy Carter became the longest living former president...
Full Measure Staff
Full Measure

How America`s Greatest Chief Justice Shaped the Early Supreme Court
John Marshall deserves recognition from Americans as one of the chief architects of our system of government
Jarrett Stepman
Daily Signal

7 Presidents Tougher Than Trump on the Media
The Obama administration’s Justice Department launched more leak investigations under the World War I-era Espionage Act than any other administration in history
Fred Lucas
Daily Signal

What`s New In Networks and IT ?
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Ted Kennedy and the KGB
A reflection on the late Democratic Senator`s outreach to the Kremlin to undermine President Reagan.
Jamie Glazov
Front Page Mag

Yes, “Islam Is Part of Our History”
... but hardly in the way that European elites claim.
Raymond Ibrahim
Frontpage Mag

Let The Word Go Forth: Chappaquiddick Invented The Cover-up
The grand jury foreman told the Vineyard Gazette, `There seem to be two sets of rules and justices that are doled out — one for the rich and powerful, and one for the regular people, for you and me.` Exactly.
Daniel Oliver
The Federalist

Another Reason to Remember the Easter and Passover Weekend
As we celebrate Easter Sunday and the Jewish Passover, we should keep in our prayers and remembrances the many Americans who fought and sacrificed during that same time 73 years ago in the Battle of Okinawa.
Hans von Spakovsky
The Daily Signal

What Happened to Washington’s Birthday? Big Business, Labor Unions Lobbied Congress for `President’s Day`
Most Americans probably don’t know that the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill that Congress passed and President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law in 1968 is why we celebrate Presidents’ Day on the third Monday in February.
Penny Starr