Let`s go Brandon` Christmas song goes viral
There`s a new Christmas track in 2021. "Let`s Go Brandon Christmas" went viral in a day, gathering more than 32,600 YouTube views between Sunday and Monday.
Sydney Shea

Heaton’s ‘Hideous’ Ode to L.A.
Libertarian comic hits the City of Angels where it hurts via knee-slapping poetry
Christian Toto

Would An Actual Potato Be Better At Hosting ‘Reliable Sources’ Than Brian Stelter?
Just as the late Michael Kelly once noted that Bill Clinton’s foreign policy team would improve if replaced by a ham and cheese sandwich, this got me thinking.
Kylee Zempel
The Federalist

‘I’M LEAVING TODAY’: Listen to an ‘Updated’ Version of Sinatra’s Classic ‘New York, New York’
Syndicated radio host Joe ‘Pags’ Pagliarulo dropped an instant classic on listeners across the country this week.
Hannity Staff
Sean Hannity

‘Ask Not What Your Country Is’: The Biden Inaugural Address
I’m not at liberty to reveal my sources, but I have obtained a draft of President Joe Biden’s inaugural address.

Chelsea Handler Patrols Polling Places To Make Sure No Black People Are Voting For Trump
Miss Handler will be patrolling polling stations throughout LA County to make sure no black people are voting for Trump.

The Angelic Initiative Explore Multiple Dimensions From Back Yard! MUST WATCH
Your universe will never be the same. "That’s True"
Lynn McGonagill

A Comprehensive Round-Up Of The Best `Chuck And Nancy` Memes
Twitter’s collective mockery of the bizarrely staged Chuck Schumer-Nancy Pelosi response to President
Emily Jashinsky
The Federalist

Santa Basic Training

Baby It`s Cold Outside Controversy Explained - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 139
Baby It`s Cold Outside Controversy Explained...

Clintons Outnumber Crowd At Latest Speaking Engagement
At their latest speaking engagement, part of a North American tour featuring the former president and almost president...
The Babylon Bee
The Babylon Bee

New `Ginsborg` proposed after recent fall
The 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg, who recently suffered injuries from a fall and has had a number of health issues...
Panem Et Circenses
The People`s Cube

The #MeToo Game!
Everyone in America is playing...
Panem Et Circenses
The People`s Cube

Ocasio-Cortez: `We Need To Study Harder Than Republicans For These Upcoming Midterms`
Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in a campaign rally Tuesday that she`s confident Democrats will do well in the upcoming midterms...
Babylon Bee
Babylon Bee

This Hilarious `Bad Lip Reading` Sarah Sanders Lampoon Will Have You Rolling, Unless You Love The `Fake News` Press
It was only a matter of time before the YouTube satire channel Bad Lip Reading got...
Scott Morefield
The Daily Caller

New Russian campaign to trick Democrats in 2018 elections
The National Intelligence Agency has found evidence that the Russians have begun a massive campaign of subversive billboard advertising to undermine the Democratic Party in the 2018 elections.
The People`s Cube

Fun facts about Maxine Waters
1. Maxine Waters wears James Brown`s energizer wig, from which she derives all her power. Pulling the wig off instantly puts her to sleep, while her staff places it on a special charger.
Red Square
The People`s Cube

Trump`s Walk of Fame Star Multiplies in Hollywood
A crew laminated vinyl stars and placed them on blank squares in Hollywood.
Paul Bond and Bryan White
Hollywood Reporter

Painting Of Trump`s WH Team `Crossing The Swamp` Sets Off Frenzy
Not many people know this, but Washington, D.C., used to be a swamp. It is now, figuratively, but it once was, literally.
Joseph Curl
The Daily Wire