Media bias is alive and well....utterly appalling.

Anyone who thinks otherwise has never been involved with the actual facts end of the story, only to see what is eventually offered up by the main stream media for public consumption as the "real" story. "REAL" story?! How many of you out there have been involved with a 'news' story, only to see some other version of reality passed off as the truth on the evening news, or in print, and thought, "I was there, and THAT never happened!" I have, and have witnessed it on many occasions! Yet, when it comes to other stories, they gobble up whatever is put on their plate as gospeI?! Why haven't more people come to the realization that the "mainstream" media will edited down, taken out of context, or completely misrepresent anything, and everyone to push the story THEY want you to hear?! This happens every day. There are literally dozens upon dozens of people are in the "news" every day, on thousands of different outlets, and they still haven't, or won't see it?! Why?!

So, why the blind allegiance to a stuffed suit reading someone else's words on the TV? Where's the need to question what is shilled as the truth when they know the real truth may not be what's being presented?! Maybe the problem is that they have been so indoctrinated by the media itself?Or maybe they just don't care anymore? Or perhaps they can't see the real story because the media has gotten so good at only showing us what "they" (more like, those who pull their strings) want us to see, ala David Blaine? And sadly, I think, for now, the media has. Joseph Goebbels (Hitler's German reference here kids) would be so proud! Control the media, control the message, and the left controls the least the main stream media, but (to quote Robert Zimmerman aka, Bob Dillon kids, in an ironic sort of way) the times they are a changing.

People are waking up, and we're here to help speed up that process because there's no longer just the big three networks of the past! (That's ABC, NBC, and CBS. Please kids, do your research on this today. I know history can be boring to you now, but you are living tomorrow's history today, and that effects the future, now! ((Mind blown moment)) There's literally thousands of outlets for information now. They can't hide the truth from us any longer! It will get out, you just have to want to see it, and here it is.

This part of the Island of Sanity is devoted to exposing the media hypocrisy, double standards, and out right lies the media establishment decided you must hear, to help further their cause. To them I say, "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive..." OK, enough speech. Just read, watch, learn, improve, go forth and make America great again!

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