We Win, They Lose. That Simple.
Exciting times. A dangerous but exhilarating moment in history to be alive.
J.B. Shurk
The 2024 Election Is Being Rigged Right Now In Plain Sight
like the 2020 election, which wasn’t stolen so much as rigged months in advance to give Joe Biden an advantage that all but guaranteed his victory, the 2024 election is being rigged
`The Hidden Agenda Behind the New York Times’ Desperate Puff Piece on Ray Epps
Up a winding country road, in a trailer park a half-mile from a cattle ranch, lives a man whose life has been ruined by a Jan. 6 conspiracy theory.
revolver staff
Is Senator John Cornyn on Drugs?
We need to know if Senator John Cornyn (R-WaPo) is high. Has he been doing bong hits, blasting rails, chasing the dragon, and/or dropping acid?
Kurt Schlichter
On The Cusp Of An Economic Singularity
In 1988, Stephen Hawking published one of the best-selling science books of all time. In A Brief History of Time, Hawking made the impossibly complex topics of astronomy and modern physics
American Armageddon
americans are growing angrier by the day in a way different from prior sagebrush revolts such as the 1960s Silent Majority or Tea Party furor of over a decade ago.
Victor Davis Hanson
I’m Not Anti-Vaccine. I’m Pro Questions.
How can anyone from your neighbor to officials in the Biden administration talk about this pandemic while completely ignoring the southern border?
Chris Stigall
town hall
What`s Dumber Than CRT? CNN
"critical race theory" is a subtle philosophical construct where the answer to everything is: THAT`S RACIST!
Ann Coulter
town hall
Adios, Gringo: a tribute to John McAfee
The antivirus pioneer, presidential candidate and marine enthusiast died in a Spanish jail on Wednesday
Stephen L. Miller
Spectator World
Whitlock: Faith conquers fear, powers the American dream, and fuels my Blaze Media project
Discerning the origin of the current, fear-based American social climate is not difficult.
The Blaze
Rule by Left-Wing Lunatics
A governing principle of the Democratic Party is to ask, “Who is in the dock?” before deciding whether to enforce the law.
Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter
Thank God for the Proud Boys
A little more than a year ago, 2,000 antifa tried to shut down my speech
Is There a Vaccine Against Pandering?
It now appears that the greatest threat to black Americans isn’t COVID, it’s being pandered to death.
Breonna Taylor: The True Story of a BLM Hero
Hey, guys, I found out the true facts in the Breonna Taylor case!
The Sovietization of California
There is no question that America is becoming, if it hasn`t already become, two countries
Dennis Prager
Why Americans don`t believe anything anymore
Neil Patel shows how we all became cynics
Neil Patel
Of Course This Election Was Stolen
This election was stolen. There isn`t even a question. I`ll use my sports gaming knowledge to explain.
Allyn Root
American Coup
This was not just voter fraud out of Philly. It’s a coup by the oligarchy.
Daniel Greenfield
Frontpage Mag
The NeverTrump Never Again
Trump did a lot more good for the country than had prior supposedly good presidents.
Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness
Half-Blood Royalty: Steve Sailer On Barack Obama, Kamala Harris And The Post-American Elite
Discussion of 2016 book `America’s Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama’s Story of Race and Inheritance,`
James Kirkpatrick