`Hawley Takes Swipe at Top Dem in Name of Bill That Would Ban Stock Trading Among Lawmakers
bar lawmakers and their spouses from owning or trading stocks while in office
Leah Barkoukis

Gaetz introduces `Abolish the ATF Act` after ruling against stabilizing braces
Gaetz says ATF on `snipe hunt` to `convert otherwise law-abiding people into felons`
Jessica Chasmar

`One Handgun A Month`: New Gun Control Bill Proposed In PA
Officials are looking for a new way to crack down on the "iron pipeline" of illegal weapons funnelling into the state.
Justin Heinze

Oregon Voters Narrowly Pass Highly Restrictive Gun Control Measure That Creates ‘Database’ Of Gun Owners
Oregon voters on Wednesday passed Ballot Measure 114, one of the more restrictive gun control measures in the country.

Biden`s top 10 WORST executive orders
President Joe Biden has signed 42 executive orders since his inauguration—a record among US Presidents. Here are his worst ones so far, in no particular order.
Nicole Russell

Government Delays Flights
Planning to fly this summer? Good luck. Delays are up. Cancellations, too. Why? Because of the pilot shortage.
John Stossel

Endangered Species Act: Turning Species Extirpation on its Head
The Endangered Species Act, first enacted by Congress in 1973, has since become a poster child for bureaucratic ineptitude.
William D. Balgord

COVID Vaccines Are Shots In The Dark
A friend who`s a corporate executive confided in me he didn`t want to do it, but his retirement depended on staying at his job.
Chris Stigall

Infrastructure Package Includes Vehicle Mileage Tax Program
The new $1 trillion infrastructure package will include a vehicle mileage tax program.
Zack Friedman

Biden declares war on showerheads
President Joe Biden may lack the authority to reach into your shower?
Ben Lieberman

State tells businesses: You must `verify` vax records of customers
The state has mandated that all businesses, employers and churches must continue to enforce a mask requirement unless they have a policy for "checking for proof of vaccination
WND Staff

The State Versus the American Culture
The federal government has exploited a vast web of laws and regulations to undermine the nation’s culture
S. T. Karnick

FCC Commissioner says recent Biden stories blocked on social media ‘watershed moment’ for big tech
The FCC Commissioner said there’s never been an institution in history that has had as much influence over speech.
Brianna Kraemer
Just The News

Trump’s Expansion of Health Reimbursement Accounts Improves Health Care Choices
The Trump administration unveiled this week a final rule that will dramatically improve workers’ ability to access health insurance of their choice...
Robert Moffit
The Daily Signal

Study: Biofuels Aren’t Reducing Gas Prices Or Emissions
Now that the President has bent the knee to King Corn yet again...
Jazz Shaw
Hot Air

`Conservative Answer` to Facebook Launches
www.USA.Life restores freedom and privacy to the Internet...

After Death of Vet Imprisoned for Digging Ponds, His Widow Fights On
The name of a Navy veteran may be cleared after he was convicted...
Kevin Mooney
The Daily Signal

`Rain Tax` Likely To Become Reality In New Jersey
Idea Is To Protect Garden State`s Streams, Rivers And Bays From Potentially Toxic Storm Runoff From Salt And Lawn Fertilizers
Meg Baker
CBS New York

Happy (Deregulated) New Year!
President Trump has rolled back more federal rules and regulations than any modern American president.
Investor`s Business Daily

A year after net neutrality`s demise, the Internet is faster
It has been remarkably unremarkable without net neutrality, one year after Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai killed the Obama-era Internet rule
Philip Wegmann
Washington Examiner