Stupidity Serenade


Parents Beware! Most Popular Kid-Friendly YouTube Channel MrBeast Now Features A Man In Ladyface
Tyson’s decision to embrace the alphabet sexual lifestyle leaves his wife without a husband and his young son without a masculine father.

`Marine Corps considers replacing `sir` and `ma`am` with gender-neutral terms to eliminate `possibility of misgendering drill instructors`: Report
Marine Corps leaders are reportedly not convinced that transitioning to gender-neutral salutations would be simple

New York launches `hate and bias` prevention unit, costing taxpayers millions of dollars

New York changes gun buyback after seller gets $21,000 for 3D-printed parts
Participant used a 3D printer to make firearm parts in bulk that he then exchanged for gift cards
theguardian Staff

There’s A Fierce Hurricane Pummeling Florida But Some People Don’t Seem To Care
Hurricane Ian is starting to make landfall as a near-Category 5 life-threatening storm in Florida after a week of news coverage and emergency declarations.
Kay Smythe

Michigan city decriminalizes public urinating and defecating to become more `equitable`
Everyone in Kalamazoo, Michigan can now go to the bathroom anywhere they like
Joshua Young

Climate activist, 50, who died after lighting himself ablaze in front of the Supreme Court on Earth Day wrote `4/22/2022` and a fire emoji in a Facebook post from 2020
A climate activist who died after setting himself on fire in front of the Supreme Court on Earth Day is a buddhist who hinted at his future self-immolation with a fire emoji under a Facebook post from 2020.

`New York City mayor to Floridians: Come here where you can say gay
Mayor Eric Adams calls Florida law `targeted attack on the LGBTQ+ population`
Associated Press

California`s Santa Cruz County mandates mask-wearing in private homes
An indoor mask mandate has been reinstated in Santa Cruz County, California,

Man eaten by piranhas after jumping into lake to escape bees
A man has reportedly died in Brazil after jumping into a lake to escape bees, only to drown and be eaten by piranhas.
9News Staff

Democratic lawmaker calls for `gender equality` in crash test dummies
(D.C.) introduced legislation Tuesday that requires automobile companies to test car safety using crash test dummies modeled on both male and female bodies.
Phil Shiver
The Blaze

Woman reveals she used `Gorilla Glue` as replacement after hair spray ran out
Tessica Brown, 40, revealed in a video on the social network TikTok that when she ran out of hair spray she used “Gorilla Glue” instead
Global News

Mongolian Couple Dies of Bubonic Plague After Eating Raw Marmot Kidney
Nine tourists were left stranded in a remote region of Mongolia after an unidentified local couple died from the bubonic plague.
Nate Church

The 7 Dumbest Gun Videos On the Internet
A very wise man once said, “There’s dumb, damn dumb, and this list of videos that’s about to follow.”
Trace Munson
Guns and Gadgets

This is Not How You Dispose of a Dead Whale, New Hampshire
Dead whale removal has long been an issue for humans who don’t want large, rotting carcasses taking up precious beach real estate.
Jennings Brown

WATCH: Feminists Out-Stupid Themselves With Latest Crude Pro-Abortion Video
Sexually liberated feminists need a basic sex-ed class.
Amanda Prestigiacomo
The Daily Wire

Al Sharpton Messes Up Name of Legendary Aretha Franklin Song: `R-E-S-P-I-C-T`
MSNBC’s "PoliticsNation" host Rev. Al Sharpton called on President Donald Trump...
Paul Crookston
Free Beacon

Elizabeth Warren Plans To Destroy Capitalism By Pretending To `Save` It
Warren`s plan would overrule corporate leaders’ control over their own businesses. This is also known as "socialism."
Scott Schackford

A rising concern? After straws, balloons get more scrutiny
Now that plastic straws may be headed for extinction, could Americans’ love of balloons be deflated?
Candice Choi
Associated Press

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