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Revealed: the software that studies your Facebook friends to predict who may commit a crime
Voyager Labs is one of dozens of US companies that have popped up in recent years with technology that purports to harness social media to help solve and predict crime.
Johana Bhuiyan and Sam Levin with graphics by Alvi

URGENT: Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity EVEN IF YOU ARE INFECTED AND RECOVER
A little place I call the British government which admitted, in its newest vaccine surveillance report, that antibody levels appear to be lower
Alex Berenson

Biden Administration Jeopardizes US National Security By Buying Chinese Surveillance Drones
purchasing numerous surveillance drones from a Chinese company that the Pentagon has cited as a potential national security risk.

‘Havana syndrome?’ and the mystery of the microwaves
Doctors, scientists, intelligence agents and government officials have all been trying to find out what causes "Havana syndrome"
Gordon Corera

The Whitmer Kidnapping Case Reveals The FBI’s New Counterterrorism Target Is You
This week included interesting revelations about the FBI’s case against the handful of people charged with plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan
Matthew Braun
the federalist

Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge
Did the federal government infiltrate any of the so-called “militia” organizations claimed to be responsible for planning and executing the Capitol Siege?

Outcry over US Postal Service reportedly tracking social media posts
Report obtained by Yahoo says USPS surveilling via covert program social media activity it describes as ‘inflammatory’
Coral Murphy Marcos
the guardian

January 6 Is the New Russiagate Lie
It will be a long time, if ever, before the truth about what happened—and didn’t happen—on January 6, 2021 is fully and fairly explained.
Julie Kelly
American Greatness

The Cargo Ship Blocking the Suez Canal Drew a Huge Phallus Before Getting Stuck
Not just getting stuck, Ever Given`s journey was even more cursed than expected
News 18

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election
Now that it is over and beyond repair, the left describes the conspiracy to fix the 2020 Election.

Orwellian Surveillance Hell Touted As ‘Future Of Tourism’
‘The new normal’
Steve Watson
Summit News

The missing flu riddle: `Influenza has been renamed COVID,` maverick epidemiologist says
As influenza levels continue cratering while COVID rates have multiplied nearly sevenfold
Daniel Payne
Just The News

Warp Speed Ahead: COVID-19 Vaccines Pave the Way for a New Frontier in Surveillance
There is a sinister world beyond that which we perceive, one in which power players jockey for control over the one commodity that is a necessary ingredient for total domination: you.
John Whitehead
Washington Standard

Who Killed Philip Haney?
Was it a “self-inflicted” gunshot, or vengeance from Islamic terrorists and their deep state allies?
Lloyd Billingsley
Frontpage Mag

An Introduction To `Q`
Q and the ever-growing worldwide movement it’s inspired have been the objects of fascination, mockery and hatred, but of surprisingly little serious analysis.
Deborah Franklin
American Thinker

Conspiracy Theories Abound Over Mysterious Drone Formations In Colorado, Nebraska, And Kansas
We take every drone-sighting report seriously. Multiple FAA divisions are continuing to work closely with federal, state, and local stakeholders on this issue

Mueller-Connected Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger Killed in Prison... As He Was About to Out FBI Officials
Legendary Boston mobster Whitey Bulger was killed in prison overnight on Tuesday...
Christina Laila
The Gateway Pundit

Doctors who examined diplomats suffering from mysterious `health attacks` worry the U.S. is downplaying the incidents
NBC News published an in-depth story Monday about the behind the scenes investigation of the “health attacks”...
John Sexton
Hot Air

Mystery Virus
In 2015, we first began reporting on a baffling, new illness paralyzing children across the country much like polio.
Full Measure Staff
Full Measure

Read the Confidential David Brock Memo Outlining Plans to Attack Trump
Memo was handed out to big money liberal donors at posh Florida retreat.
Joe Schoffstall
The Washington Free Beacon