Democrats: Biggest Bullies of them All
February 2019

Democrats push further left each day with outrageous policy proposals. Political opponents to their leftist movement suffer from increasing punishment as well. On this recent occasion, though, innocent children are the target.

Delaware elementary student, Joshua Trump, endures tremendous bullying due to his name. According to a story in Delaware Online, “(Trump) started getting bullied two years ago when he was at Claymont Elementary School” because of his last name. He told his mother how much he hated himself due to the nasty comments he received from classmates.

The young boy has no actual relation to President Trump. As far as we know, he never indicated any support for Trump, either. 11 year old Joshua fell asleep during the State of the Union address, much to the joy of liberals on the internet. Although I doubt Joshua was illustrating his part in the #resistance, I imagine any fervent fan of the President would not succumb to sleepiness during his hallmark, nationally televised speech.

Joshua appears to be an innocent boy who coincidentally holds the same last name as a controversial character. Realistically, anyone with a generic British or German surname in America could face this issue at any moment, including a child.

The White House’s supportive invitation to Joshua to the recent State of the Union was a kind gesture. Joshua’s bullying, however, reveals a much darker reality regarding the political animosity of today.

Bullying towards Joshua reached such extremes that “measures like having teachers avoid using Joshua's last name to help prevent the bullying” were implemented in attempts to prevent attacks from malicious peers. Joshua switched school busses because students from his neighborhood would constantly antagonize him over HIS LAST NAME.

Even on the new bus, Joshua dealt with harassment because the bus driver asked him to confirm his name. In an era of zero tolerance for bullying within educational institutions, the Principal of Joshua’s school, Mark Mayers, said this of Joshua’s relentless bullies: “Sometimes our kids don't understand that what they say can negatively impact somebody else.”

Mark, are you freaking kidding me? Students from the point of preschool in the United States today have anti bullying measures thrown down their throats on a daily, if not hourly basis. All American kids are taught that “sharing is caring,” “diversity is a strength,” and to “be nice to others.” By the time children are in fourth and fifth grade, they know exactly what they are doing with their words. The goal of these children was to punish an innocent boy for his unrelated, irrelevant connection to our President.

In fairness to the kids though, we all know it’s their parents brainwashing their impressionable minds with hatred and malice against the opposition.

Can anyone imagine how liberal news outlets would react to the harassment of a middle schooler in 2009 with the last name OBAMA? We would never hear the end of the faux racism crap.

After Trump’s victory in 2016, excluding the fake hate crime incidents, we still had to hear the whines and cries of sore loser lefties. A story emerged of children chanting “build the wall” at a Michigan middle school shortly after the election. Administrators referred to the situation as an “incident” and a moment for children to learn the power of their words. Parents called the school fearing for their children’s lives. The over-reactive nonsense reached nationwide proportions of fear and worry for the children of liberals. (

In reality, which we know liberals hate to live in, there was nothing overtly malicious about the chant, unlike the intentional bullying of Joshua. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure those kids knew how they felt on immigration policy!

And again, if little Obama supporters started chanting “you didn’t build that” in 2012, would anybody in the media give a damn? Probably not.

Joshua’s bullying is in direct relation to liberal teaching philosophy. Adult liberals dismiss all types of opposition in their lives, particularly political disagreement. Children listened to their whackjob parents as they explained how horrible the world would be without the glorious Hillary ascending to her royal throne in the White House. Stories arose of women weeping while explaining to their daughters a racist-sexist-nazi-homophobe would be President, leading us to definite nuclear apocalypse after becoming a Soviet protectorate. Progressive parents told their children how evil and bigoted Trump supporters were well before the election to ensure that, if there was a successful night, all opponents would be deemed fools and traitors. The barrage of attacks that adults conducted against their fellow friends (former friends) and colleagues led to this form of political bullying.

Conservative and moderate parents rarely attempt to stick politics down the throats of their children. The total opposite is true of liberal parents. A constant effort is made by Democrats to indoctrinate school aged minds to the point that they ignore all logic (note: the upper middle class college students of today). We all know Democrats raise their children to be Democrats in their pursuit of saving, and by that I really mean destroy, the country. Especially in the past few elections, campaigns have turned into total wars for the Democratic Party and their core supporters. While Republicans go back to work and school, win or lose, Democrats need endless victory parties through the inauguration or sick days to mentally recover from their, well, mental illness during defeat.

The blatant attacks on an 11 year old emulate the pathetic state of domestic affairs due to the Left’s repugnant desperation to keep their children from becoming Republicans. Conservatives with children will continue noticing this unfortunate trend. No independent thinking child will be spared from leftists’ wicked games.

Buddy Walker
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