SwampComeyus weaseli Buddy Walker's Swamp Creature of the Week

Comeyus weaseli

Commonly known as the Leaking Weasel

It is prominently found in the Department of Justice areas of the DC swamp, and is known for marking its territory by leaking repeatedly.

Possessing exceptionally poor eyesight, it is at times unable to spot criminal intent. The leaking weasel is so blind that it does not even see bathroom servers or electronic devices smashed with a hammer by the Sec of State.

To compensate for its weak eyesight, it has evolved a keen sense of smell. SwampComeyus weasali can smell the slightest hints of collusion or obstruction, especially if they have anything to do with Russia. Its sense of smell, however, is strangely ineffective when dealing with meetings on parked planes in airports.

Feeding on publicity, it will, when chased, swim around in a complete circle to attract as much media attention as possible before returning to its original position.

Though very tall in stature, its deep fear of the color orange will cause it to cower behind curtains like a trembling baby weasel, and begin leaking all over again.

Buddy Walker

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