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Strzokes vipera

Commonly known as the "Sneering Cobra"

A pompous, snarky reptile that has recently been found in the Department of Justice areas of the DC swamp. Strzokes vipera is known for its ability to appear innocent and even patriotic while it viciously destroys any outsider that threatens the workings of its corrupt, marshy, deep state environment.

While it maintains a demeanor of moral superiority over its character of subversion and infidelity, a closer look at Strzokes vipera invariably reveals facial expressions of scorn and disgust for anyone outside The Swamp. The Sneering Cobra's fangs drip with venomous contempt for our Republic and its citizens. It is only concerned with the propagation of power for the DC Swamp and the protection of those who control it.

This Swamp Creature also appears to be immune to prosecution which makes it even more aggressive. It is truly dangerous and should not be handled or domesticated. It needs to be removed from both The Swamp and the general population as quickly and humanely as possible.

Buddy Walker

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