Ryanus rinomorphus Buddy Walker's Swamp Creature of the Week

Ryanus rinomorphus

Commonly known as the "Morphing RINO" (Also see "Boehner 2.0")
Known for its ability to change from red to blue, the Morphing RINO is often found sharing the Legislative areas of the swamp with its friend the Useless Turtle (see Turtalus ineffecti). It is here, amongst the tangled procedural roots of the DC Swamp that the Morphing RINO can quickly change its color as well as its politics.

During this transition Ryanus rinomorphus will also change its rhetorical patterns. While red, it has been known to use the phrase "Obamacare Repeal" which during its transition becomes "Obamacare Repeal and Replace" and finally, when the Morphing RINO is completely blue, "Incremental Healthcare Reform". Scientists refer to these speech patterns as Deceptions.

Some marine biologists note that while sharing its habitat with Turtalus ineffecti, the Morphing RINO may also be consuming large quantities of the plant Usslessium which would cause it to enter into a state that biologist refer to as Uselessness. This could also account for the Swamp Creature's transitioning behavior.

The most dangerous aspect of the Morphing RINO is its ability to lull constituents into seeing it as a "Responsible Balanced Budget Guy" during its red phase, only to then turn blue, pile onto the 21 Trillion-Dollar Deficit, Quit, and then wander back to Wisconsin where it came from.

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